A Walk Along the Fool’s Journey

A Walk Along the Fools Journey | California Psychics

An Old Tale

Tarot is an ancient divination tool that can hold many answers for those brave enough to pick it up. Made up of 78 cards, it is split into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, both of which play different roles, but are no less important when it comes to learning your truth.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana encompass the Fool’s Journey, which is a metaphor for your journey through life. Every character the Fool meets as you go through each card teaches the Fool a lesson to be incorporated into your life, and when the journey is finished, a wiser human rises to meet their goal. And consider this your own guide for what each of these cards means should they appear in one of your own Tarot card readings.

Beginning a Journey

The Fool (0)

The Fool is a card of beginnings, representing a blank slate and just a little bit of naivete. They are embarking on a brand-new journey with excitement and an open heart, ready to take a leap of faith.  

The Magician (1)

The Magician represents intellect, communication, creative power, and the masculine. He guides the Fool and teaches them that they can change the world through their own willpower.

The High Priestess (2)

The High Priestess is the Magician’s counterpart who represents our unrealized potential. She is where our creative potential begins and grows. The High Priestess is the gatekeeper of our intuition and guides the Fool along a spiritual quest to expand their knowledge.

The Empress (3)

The Empress represents a nurturing, fertile, and abundant mother, and Mother Earth that both protects and pushes the Fool forward whenever they feel anxious on their journey.

The Emperor (4)

The Emperor is the father figure and the Empress’ counterpart. He is all about structure and foundations that can stand the test of time. He teaches the Fool about how rules and authority give shape to the Universe, and that a solid foundation is a key to moving through their journey.

The Hierophant (5)

The Hierophant is the first person the Fool meets when they venture away from “home”. They represent belief systems and knowledge. The Hierophant encourages the Fool to be open-minded and learn from many different teachers regardless of religion or culture.

The Lovers (6)

The Lovers represents the Fool’s growth into adulthood, and their desire to become part of a relationship. They help the Fool find the balance between their inner feminine and masculine energy, and the joys of adoration.

The Chariot (7)

The Fool uses The Chariot to maintain a steady course along their journey. They have developed some control, and have learned that they need discipline, willpower, and an open heart to continue.

Strength (8)

This card represents the moments when the Fool encounters setbacks along their journey, and they must call upon the strength, maturity, and self-control they’ve developed so far.

The Hermit (9)

This is the moment when things begin to change in the Major Arcana, as many of the cards begin to represent the Fool themself, or lessons they learn. The Hermit is not someone the Fool encounters, but something the Fool becomes in order to better integrate the lessons they have learned so far. They question the way the world works and learn to see the connections between everything in life.

The Wheel of Fortune (10)

The Wheel of Fortune represents the conclusion that the Fool comes to at the end of their seclusion: that everything in the Universe has a cycle, and it is always turning. Sometimes things are going up, other times they’re going down, but neither lasts forever.

Justice (11)

Justice represents the balance the Universe brings to everything. The Fool learns their actions will always have consequences, and they spend time in introspection thanks to this revelation. This is also a time of decision for them; to live their life according to the lessons of Justice or fall back onto the easier path.

The Hanged Man (12)

The Hanged Man represents a moment in the Fool’s journey when they believe that they’ve finally encountered a challenge too difficult to endure. Feeling lost, the Fool gives in, only to discover that by doing so, everything has worked out exactly as it should. They just needed a change of perspective.

Death (13)

Death is the moment when the Fool lets their old self go, along with any of their tired beliefs and habits that are holding them back. It’s a spiritual end and a brand-new beginning that allows them to transition to a far more fulfilling way of life.

Temperance (14)

Temperance is the Fool finally embracing balance. They have experienced extreme highs and extreme lows since they became the Hermit, and they now realize that a temperate middle ground is the best road to a long and joyful life.

The Devil (15)

The Devil is a representation of the Fool’s lack of knowledge, understanding, hopelessness, and everything else about themselves that they don’t like or try to ignore. Having come so far, the Fool now understands that if they choose to ignore this part of themself rather than take action, they will always carry despair within their heart.

The Tower (16)

The Tower is the Fool’s choice to free themselves from everything the Devil represents. It represents great upheaval and sudden change, which can be terrifying and painful for the Fool. However, in the end, it will prove to be the best possible choice for them.

The Star (17)

As the Tower crumbles, The Star begins to shine and offers the Fool a sense of renewal and hope for the future. The Fool’s confidence in themself and their faith has been restored. This is a magical and euphoric moment for them.

The Moon (18)

The Fool’s dreamy state leaves them vulnerable to the illusions of The Moon, who is in charge of the imagination. This can give the Fool some delightful dreams but can also give rise to some anxieties and fears, leaving the Fool unsure of themself once again.

The Sun (19)

Fortunately, The Sun soon arises to dispel those fears, leaving only the hope of the Star and the creativity the Moon awakened. The Sun is the Fool’s call to action, lighting their path ahead, setting their inner light ablaze, and letting them know that, now that they have found enlightenment, they are bound to do great things.

Judgment (20)

The Fool is no longer afraid; in fact, they embrace joy as the meaning of life! The Judgment card represents the Fool both reborn and as someone who has forgiven themselves and others for their past mistakes. They understand their higher journey now, and there’s no room for any illusions or lies.

The World (21)

The Fool has completed their journey! They have integrated all their lessons and have reentered The World, ready to fully experience it with new wisdom, share their experiences with others, and find new meaning around every corner.

Just the Beginning

Though the Fool’s Journey has come full circle, for those of us following along, it is truly just the beginning. For once the Fool enters the world, a new journey begins, bringing with it new people, new experiences, and new obstacles. Should you find yourself in need of some advice, why not speak to a psychic for some insight? They’d love to help you along your own Fool’s Journey if you will.

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