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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cancer Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: You might be inspired to chase a big dream as the moon meets imaginative Neptune and enterprising Mars in your expansive ninth house. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Why not see where it takes you? Look to an Aries for direction.

Love/Friendship: Social standing, success, and wealth may play a part in determining who you’re attracted to as alluring Venus aligns with status-conscious Saturn. Dating a slacker or someone down on their luck isn’t likely to feature in your plans. For you, only a responsible, mature, and hardworking person will do. Being honest about what you desire is important. Still, you shouldn’t lose sight of love. Material security is no guarantee of happiness.

Career/Finance: Watch out, world! With Mars entering daring Aries and your professional sector, you’ll put tremendous energy and effort into moving forward with your career. Through July 5, your bold moves will let everyone know that you’re serious about achieving what you’re after. Be careful not to step on anyone’s toes as you climb your way to the top. Your ambition could stir up fierce opposition. Make it your mission to treat everyone (especially higher-ups) with respect.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Vesta entering Pisces and your house of higher learning signals a dedication to seeking wisdom via spirituality or academia. Focus can quickly turn to obsession. Keep an open mind and heart, especially toward ideas you disagree with.

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