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Death Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Death Keywords

Transition, beginnings, endings, cycles, change, and transformation.

General Meaning for Death

The Death card is the number 13 card of the Major Arcana. It’s astrologically associated with the sign of Scorpio, the sign representing “sex, death, and taxes.” Seeing the Death card in a reading does not mean the death of the person being read, or anyone else for that matter, but it does symbolize the ending of a cycle and the transition into a new one. That description could fit the description of death; however, to see it as merely an ending of life would be missing the point.

When the Death card appears in your reading, it indicates that you are in the midst of change. The Death card symbolizes the letting go of one major chapter in your life in order to let the next chapter begin. It signifies the importance of breaking from the past and embracing the future in order to grow and adapt to changing circumstances. Nothing stays the same forever, and change is a natural part of life.

Death in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

The Death card in the past position of a reading is the best place to find it as it signifies that you are putting the past behind you. If you have recently gone through an ending, perhaps the death of a relationship, the hard part is over; let the transformation into a new life begin.

Death in the Present/Today Meaning

The Death card in the present position suggests that soon, life as you know it will change, a new career, a new love, or even a whole new life in a different place. It can indicate an event about to take place, or something already in motion that will change the course of all you know. It can be scary and exciting all at once.

Death in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Death card in the future position reminds us that in the cycle of life, there will always be joyful beginnings and sad endings. Don’t waste every moment of life anticipating what is inevitable and what you have no control over. Live life as it comes, in cycles.

Love and Relationships Meaning for Death


In a love reading, the Death card can suggests that a major life change is on its way. If you’re single and looking for love, get ready for a shift to happen. Not only will life change, but your vision of the future will likely change with it.

If you’ve just gotten out of an unhealthy relationship, this will signal a time when you finally and completely let go and open your world to new possibilities. In this way, the Death card can be liberating, especially if you’ve only focused on the loss. It is showing you that there is life beyond endings.


If you’re in a new relationship, chances are that you and your current love found each other after experiencing significant changes in life, some of which may have even brought you together. If you’re in a long-standing relationship, the Death card can mean that you’re redefining your relationship, finding a new way to relate to each other. Alternatively, if you, as a couple, were not able to do that, this could mean the ending of this journey that is necessary for personal renewal.

Career Meaning for Death

As far as career choices, the Death card suggests that you may be looking to make a change in your career because you’re ready for something new or different. Alternatively, a change at work is likely to affect your current position or its location due to circumstances out of your control. Though perhaps shocking or painful, it doesn’t mean it won’t be for the best or that you won’t be happy that it happened. In fact, it will likely be a fortuitous change even if you can’t see that at the moment.

Financial Meaning for Death

When the Death card appears in a financial reading, you can expect changes to impact your financial situation. Perhaps your stocks didn’t fare well due to market changes, you’re facing a layoff, or loss of income. These changes will bring on your own transformation as long as you stand and face the reality of your situation and think of innovative ways to recover. When you finally get beyond this, and you will, your greatest gift will be found in all that you have learned along the journey.

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  1. Travian King

    The old me is dead and gone and the time to rise from the ashes of doom is open and the chance to seize the opportunity of the moment from the progressive struggle is here and fear is nothing but a energy not worth putting my time in and I will walk away from the fear and the negative pull on my soul into a better world of intuition and peace.


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