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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

The Devil Keywords

Addictions, materialism, sexuality, inner fears, and self-deception.

General Meaning for the Devil

The Devil is the number 15 card of the Major Arcana. It’s astrologically associated with the sign of Capricorn. The Devil represents a negative inner force within us all. He can trick us into thinking we’re bound and stuck by negative or unforeseen forces out of our control. The Devil can also represent our worst fears, phobias, and addictions.

When the Devil appears in a reading, stop and ask yourself if you feel stuck in a situation, unable to move beyond something, or powerless to make changes in life. What are the addictions or fears holding you back? Whatever the circumstances, know that it is completely within your power to overcome any negativity you see before you at any time.

The Devil in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

When the Devil card appears in the past portion of your reading, it indicates that you have overcome some sort of addiction from the past – perhaps you were a habitual shopper, or you had an addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, or even sex. No matter how big or small the addiction, overcoming it is a cause for a huge celebration. You should be proud of yourself. You can now put this behind you and move ahead freely.

The Devil in the Present/Today Meaning

The Devil card in the present position could have a few meanings. Perhaps you’re addicted to something and have no idea, or worse, you are aware and you’re keeping it secret. Deep down, you know this isn’t a good path for you to take. It’s time to summon your willpower and get over your addiction. You may be tempted to putting it off, but deep down you know there’s no time like the present. If you can get passed this, know that with sacrifice comes great reward. This may touch you physically, emotionally, or spiritually, but it will be uplifting and empowering once you conquer this.

The Devil in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

Beware of something that may come up in the near future that will tempt you and take you off the path of personal growth. Someone or something may step in and make you an offer too good to refuse – a convincing lover who really isn’t good for you or a dream job with an amazing salary but leaves you no free time. You’ll have to be truly secure in yourself, know what you want, and what is and isn’t a good fit for you. When the Devil card appears in the future position, at least you have the present time to prepare.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Devil


When the Devil card appears in a love reading, its meaning will depend on your current state of affairs. For instance, if you’re looking for love but only having sexual encounters that aren’t emotionally fulfilling, you may be sending out the wrong signals. If you want more, then you may consider revamping your approach to attract the type of connection you truly want.


If you’re in a committed relationship, the Devil often appears if it has already suffered some serious setbacks. Perhaps addiction, infidelity, codependency, or some equally negative force has caused an almost irreparable rift. You have free will and the ability to make your own choices, just don’t ignore what you know to be true. Do what is in your own best interest.

Career Meaning for the Devil

The Devil appearing in a career reading may indicate that you feel trapped in a job you don’t like. The truth is you can leave, but a great a salary or professional exposure may be the reason you’re reluctant to let go. You have the choice to stay or to try something new, but only you can make this decision. Often when you feel trapped, it’s a sign that should not be ignored; it’s telling you that you’ve deviated from your true path.

Financial Meaning for the Devil

When the Devil card appears in a financial reading, it can indicate that you have too many credit contracts and the like keeping your access to cash too tight. Debt can be unpleasant and hard to escape. Be wary, read the fine print, and don’t overstretch yourself, as the Devil can also be confirmation that you won’t have much outside help in getting out of this situation.

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