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Sunday, November 17, 2019

General Overview: Mars in Libra is trine your natal planets in Aquarius and they are all sextile Jupiter which creates a wonderful energy of optimism, passion, and enthusiasm for life. Don’t waste this day on boring routines – get out, shine your light, and create a ripple of joy in your wake. Meanwhile, a Pisces has some deep intuitive guidance to share with you.

Love/Friendship: Friendship is highlighted in your chart right now by Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Whether you’re single or partnered, by focusing on building tight friendship bonds and extending deep caring to your tribe of special people, all of your relationships, including the romantic ones, will benefit.

Career/Finance: The sun and Mercury are shining in the sector of your chart that rules career, success, and achievement. You and your efforts, good or bad, are in the spotlight right now so if there’s anything you need to change, now is the time to do it. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the accolades.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Someone in your family could use a helping hand. That doesn’t mean you need to rescue them or fix anything. Just reach out, let them know you care, and hold space for them to succeed.

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