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Friday, October 18, 2019

General Overview: There’s all sorts of fun to be had today. Why not go for what’s new and exciting instead of sticking with the usual routine? Make it an adventure! Especially pay attention to a Libra who’s a little different from the people you’re usually drawn to.

Love/Friendship: You want to do all the things, go to all the places, and see all the people. However, a stressful alignment between the fickle Gemini Moon, nebulous Neptune, and optimistic Jupiter sys that you’ll need to prioritize your plans if you want to make the most of your day. Narrow it down to a date with your sweetheart or a fun evening out with your friends. Even solo plans could fall flat if you try to do too much. Pace yourself. The weekend’s just getting started.

Career/Finance: You’ll be in the zone when delivering a speech, talking to colleagues, or relaying information as messenger Mercury connects with persuasive Pluto. You might not be entirely sure how you know what you know, but this powerful planetary alignment suggests that you’re plugged into the collective intelligence. Hence, you’ll have a vast body of wisdom and ideas to draw upon. A dream you’ve recently had could provide potent insight into your current situation.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Flip the script on insecurity by focusing on your strengths. What you feed your attention to grows, so why not accentuate the positive?

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