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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Aries Tomorrow Horoscope

General Overview: As the moon traverses protective Cancer, you may find that it sparks your desire to give extra attention to your loved ones. Just remember that you can’t fill a cup from an empty pitcher. As the moon squares wounded Chiron in your sign, it’s important that you practice self-care too.

Love/Friendship: You’ll gain a sense of your innermost desires — as well as those of your partner and family — as maternal Ceres and devoted Juno align. Once you understand what they need, you’ll commit to providing the necessary care. If you’re solo, this may involve forging stronger ties with parents, siblings, or other members of your chosen circle. Who’s committed to your happiness and can offer you the care that you need? And who in your circle could use some TLC from you?

Career/Finance: You’ll enjoy discussing new ideas and exploring exciting possibilities as inquisitive Mercury in your mental realm contacts expansive Jupiter in your sign. Conversations with knowledgeable people can give you a lot to chew on. You’re bound to learn something that you’d like to explore further. This is the perfect day for activities that involve writing, learning, publishing, marketing, and sharing ideas. You’ll have a lot of interesting tidbits to add to the conversation.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You will have an abundance of creative inspiration as Venus and imaginative Neptune align. Refreshing your look or giving your home decor a glow-up may feature in your plans. Look for ways to invite beauty into your world.

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