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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Capricorn Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: You’ll want to lean into your closest relationships for encouragement and support as the moon traverses sensitive Cancer and your house of partnership. A Taurus will prompt you to step outside of your box, while an Aries could urge caution.

Love/Friendship: There’s a simpatico vibe between you and your closest loved ones as protective Ceres and devoted Juno align. You may find that you’re well-attuned to each other’s desires. You’ll enjoy mutual support with your loved ones, and you’ll ensure that everyone’s needs are met. You could find that you or others are reluctant to discuss employment concerns as Juno clashes with Mercury in your work zone. If you’re in a relationship, there could be a crucial work matter that either you or your partner needs to address.

Career/Finance: You’ll find a clever way to juggle a wide range of tasks as adaptable Mercury in your house of work syncs with expansive Jupiter. Because you’re enthusiastic and feel that you’re capable of doing a lot, you’re in danger of putting too many responsibilities on your plate. Be realistic about what you can manage. Cross an item or two off your to-do list before you agree to take on another assignment.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Heart-to-heart convos don’t always come naturally to stoic types like you. You’re encouraged to open up as expressive Mercury and encouraging Ceres realign. If you do, it could be an uplifting experience for both parties.

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