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Monday, December 9, 2019

General Overview: At the same time, you’re at your best and your worst. Your tenacity allows you to see things through, but you don’t know when to yield to the desires of others. A clash with an equally stubborn Scorpio could be epic. Avoid it if you can.

Love/Friendship: You’re particularly bullish as the moon joins disciplined Vesta in your sign. Under this heady combo, you can’t see beyond your own interests, much less give others the attention they deserve. With hostile Mars in the mix, a disagreement may arise. For the sake of love or friendship, put your concerns aside, and be present for the other person. Happy relationships require making sacrifices.

Career/Finance: Your partner (romantic or professional) could have a lot of influence over your thoughts and plans now that mental Mercury is in Sagittarius. It isn’t so much that you’re persuaded to do things, but that your concerns and interests dovetail with theirs, especially around money. There will be lots of talk about how to meet shared financial goals. For solo bulls, this can mean negotiating with financial institutions. You have until December 28 to get it sorted.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You bring tremendous focus to education and spiritual pursuits as the moon in your sign aligns with planets in ambitious Capricorn. The more you feel enriched by your experience, the more energy you put into it. Take a deep dive!

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