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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Taurus Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Well, you are lit up like a Halloween lantern today with the Full Moon in Taurus, highlighting your first house of self. The moon is also conjunct unpredictable, change bringer Uranus, so you can expect the unexpected today. You may feel both hyper-psychic and emotionally volatile and will need to find a healthy outlet for all that energy. Invite a Capricorn for a moon dance or a stroll on the beach as the moon rises. It will renew your spirit.

Love/Friendship: The opposition between the sun in Scorpio in your seventh house of partnership and the Taurus Moon in your first house of self, sets up a seesaw, tug-of-war energy between your needs and the needs of others. It’s important to find a balance because they are both important. You can be self-full without being selfish, and interdependent without being codependent.

Career/Finance: The square between Mercury in your sixth house of work and Saturn can make communication slow and difficult. While it deepens your concentration it also blocks your ability to express yourself, so rather than becoming frustrated, set work aside today and do something fun, like get your sparkly costume ready for tonight!

Personal Growth/Spirituality: As you move forward, stay aware and watch where you step. You’re heading in the right direction, you just need to pay closer attention to details and thoroughly vet anyone you decide to collaborate with.

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