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Monday, February 17, 2020

General Overview: A weird morning could be in store as the Sagittarius Moon squares dodgy Neptune. This edgy vibe can make you mistrustful. A Pisces who behaves oddly could be a cause for concern. Although, Pisces are generally wacky so this might not be unusual behavior.

Love/Friendship: With your ruler, Venus, colliding with wise and intelligent Pallas, you may wonder if you’re compromising your principles in favor of love. Hanging onto a relationship that’s been over for ages or still actively nursing old wounds are signs that you’re not living your truth. Playing the victim or the martyr can also be disempowering. Maybe it’s time you started to walk your talk?

Career/Finance: Acquiring the information needed to make progress with a team project may require the assistance of a real go-getter. Retrograde Mercury’s quirky angle to driven Mars advises you to find a creative way to approach an authoritative figure. Acknowledging their superior intelligence and experience might help you to grab their attention. There’s no harm in stroking someone’s ego if it helps you to find out what you need to know.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: With the benevolent Sagittarius Moon contacting warrior goddess Eris, you may get fired up about defending a person in need. You won’t just stand idly by while someone is mistreated. Do whatever is within your power to right a wrong but be careful not to add to the chaos.

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