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Monday, October 21, 2019

General Overview: It’s challenging to stay focused, but it’s best not to let your mind run away with you. At work and at play, it pays to be able to discern what’s real from what’s imagined. If you need a bit of support though, let a mature Capricorn put things in the proper perspective.

Love/Friendship: A relationship with a friend could take on a more romantic tone. Is it love or a more profound expression of affection? With Venus syncing with Neptune, you’ll feel a mystical connection with people that you’re close to, and you’ll have more compassion for friends. Because you can relate to their struggles, it’s only natural that you feel love. This brings you back to the question of whether this is a relationship-worthy connection. Time will tell.

Career/Finance: Someone who questions your knowledge could get the horns as warrior Mars clashes with the moon’s nodes. If you’re getting called out, check to see if there’s a reason for it before you lose your temper. Your info might not be as up to date as it should be. Take a step back and investigate where you need to level up your know-how.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: It’s tempting to get distracted with new ideas with the Last Quarter Moon in your mental third house. Right now, it’s more important that you stick with a task that’s in progress and bring it to completion. You can branch out into new areas once the job’s done.

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