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Thursday, April 2, 2020

General Overview: You’ll be motivated to put home and family plans into action as the moon moves from domestic Cancer into dynamic Aries. Trust your impulses, seize the moment, and get things done before a bossy Aquarius tries to put the kibosh on your plans.

Love/Friendship: You’re tough, but you’re also very tender. As the emotional Cancer Moon opposes planets in undemonstrative Capricorn, your feelings could be hurt when your words fail to make an impact on your love interest or a friend. Expressing your emotions feels vital, but your listener only wants to deal with the facts. You probably won’t receive the empathy you desire. Save sensitive discussions for a later date.

Career/Finance: Your productivity works against you when it creates the expectation that you can continually function at a high-level. The sun in your house of rest opposing dutiful Juno in your work zone indicates that you may resent compromising your well-being in favor of pleasing coworkers and getting a job done. You can’t get the rest you need and complete an arduous task. Taking a step back now means that you can bring more energy to your tasks in a day or two.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Being dogmatic is a sign that you’re afraid that your beliefs aren’t valid. An honest examination may reveal that they’re boxing you in rather than giving your soul the freedom to soar.

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