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Monday, July 4, 2022

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Happy Independence Day! The sextile between the Virgo Moon and the Cancer Sun creates the perfect energy for a holiday, generating optimism, confidence, creativity, and generosity of spirit! You may be inclined to celebrate quietly with a small group of people you’re close to. You enjoy being the life of the party and that won’t change. Whether you host something at home or celebrate elsewhere, the important thing is being with the people who truly matter to you. An Aries would love to join you.

Love/Friendship: Venus in Gemini highlights your seventh house of partnership, squaring the Virgo Moon and making it difficult for you to tolerate small talk, shallow conversation, or social niceties. You long for a deeper connection, so be the one to make it happen! You can’t change anyone else, but you can determine what you bring to the table!

Career/Finance: The Virgo Moon activates your career sector, trining change agent Uranus in your employment sector. Even though you probably have the day off, be ready to network and meet new people! If you do, it may have a positive impact on your professional life. An unexpected opportunity may present itself, so be ready to jump on it!

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Prosperity and abundance are states of consciousness that are reflected in your world. If you change the way you perceive something, the physical world will soon follow and align with your new perspective.

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