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Monday, December 9, 2019

General Overview: You’re known for being a person with solid values. Keep this in mind should you find yourself on the brink of doing something that could compromise your reputation. If you cross a line, a Taurus won’t be quick to forgive and forget.

Love/Friendship: You’ll be a busy bee with multitasker Mercury in your sign. Through December 28, your curiosity will make you want to be involved with all the cool stuff happening around you. You’ll be keen to learn new things and gather information. You’ll juggle several projects, so it could be a hectic time. You might be less interested in what’s going on with others and less available. Be inclusive with your interests rather than making your love interest or a friend feel left out.

Career/Finance: A covert move could make a coworker feel threatened as hostile Mars opposes Vesta. It’s best to be direct and transparent rather than acting behind someone’s back. Similarly, trust your instincts if you feel that someone is working against you.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Hit pause on the pursuit of a personal goal if you feel unsure. It’s totally okay to change your mind. Consider all the options before you press ahead.

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