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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

General Overview: Habitual emotional responses take over when you don’t take time to consciously connect with your feelings. A Cancer may get annoyed with you when you default to operating on autopilot. You both deserve a connection that’s a bit more real.

Love/Friendship: You’ll cheerfully commit to doing the heavy lifting in a relationship as the dutiful Capricorn Moon contacts the South Node, Jupiter, and Venus. It’s just what you do, although it doesn’t mean you’re happy about it. It could be about maintaining control. Or, perhaps, you think you’re the only adult in your relationship. Why not give your partner a chance to show you what they can do? For singles, don’t work so hard to make something happen. It’s not a good look.

Career/Finance: Throwing money at a problem, especially on the home front, could tide things over until you can execute a more permanent fix. The inventive Aquarius Sun connecting with fragmented Chiron advises you to consider unconventional solutions. If it requires a financial investment, don’t hesitate to fork over your cash. Your domestic realm is the area of your life where you can least afford to have chaos and unrest.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Don’t sweep messy thoughts or emotions under the rug. Feel your feelings and take a deeper look into what’s behind them. Even if they seem silly, they deserve to be taken seriously and treated with care.

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