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Monday, April 6, 2020

General Overview: As the moon transitions from methodical Virgo to Libra, your strategy session winds down, and you’re prepared to show everyone what you’ve come up with. There’s no doubt that you have a cunning plan up your sleeve. An Aquarius will find it impressive.

Love/Friendship: You’re very appealing as the Virgo Moon contacts generous Jupiter and intense Pluto in your sign. The energy you radiate makes you appear larger than life. Your confidence, power, and sexy vibe make you the one that people want to know, so get out there and work your magic! Coupled Capricorns may exert considerable influence on their partner. Don’t abuse it. Your partner trusts you to act in their best interest. Use your powers for good.

Career/Finance: The drive to accumulate wealth is on, but as ambitious Mars in your money zone clashes with disillusioning Neptune, your heart isn’t it. There has to be more to it than just acquiring more possessions and paying more bills. You’ll need to identify a deeper purpose in order to keep your head in the game. You enjoy money and status a little more than the next person, but sometimes enough is enough.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You’ve become incredibly disciplined and responsible. These traits will come in handy as you make important decisions in the months and years ahead, particularly involving money and possessions. You can be trusted to make sound choices.

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