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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The Aries Moon conjuncts Mars generating tremendous energy, which you can use to put the finishing touches on arrangements for tomorrow’s holiday. Aries squares your Capricorn planets, so you may be experiencing the influx of energy as clashing with your steady focus and thorough manner of doing things. It’s like a tsunami rolled into town and you have to figure out a way to corral all of that water! A Cancer understands how you feel and would make a great partner in helping you with the things you need to get done today. Just ask.

Love/Friendship: The moon, Mars, and Chiron are all focused in your fourth house of home and family which certainly is appropriate for the weekend ahead. A square to Mercury from Chiron can make communication difficult between family members and the Mars/moon conjunction can cause tempers to flare. You might have to referee a few times, so get your yellow flags ready.

Career/Finance: Venus rules your tenth house of career and success and clashes with Chiron today making relationships difficult. Rather than trying to push the river, see if you can take the day off and concentrate on holiday preparations and the things that make you happy. You can pick this baton back up again on Monday.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Set aside some time for your friends this weekend, they are your found family and firm foundation.

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