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Monday, July 4, 2022

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Happy Independence Day! Get ready for a wonderful holiday as the Virgo Moon lights up adventure in your chart, sextiling the Cancer Sun and generating copious amounts of optimism, happiness, creativity, and confidence. If you haven’t made plans yet, you’ll want to come up with something fun so you can make the most of the holiday. Just don’t forget that tomorrow is a workday! Pace yourself. That way, you won’t have any regrets when the sun rises bright and early tomorrow. A Taurus would love to include you in their celebration.

Love/Friendship: Freedom-loving Uranus in Taurus highlights your fifth house of love, passion, and romance, trining the Virgo Moon. If you’re single and have been wanting to reach out to someone, today is a great day to do so, especially if you find a creative way to express your affections. If you’re partnered, plan to do something out of the ordinary with your beloved.

Career/Finance: Venus in Gemini activates your employment sector, squaring the Virgo Moon. Be mindful that your desire for time off doesn’t make you careless. Take extra measures if it will prevent you from needing to circle back 10 steps to repair something you overlooked.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Everything comes to an end. If you can accept that gracefully and remember that every ending is a new beginning in disguise, you’ll thrive wherever life takes you.

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