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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Interacting with friends and groups can be a potential source of conflict. Should trouble arise, it’s best to face it head-on. You and a bossy Capricorn aren’t likely to see eye-to-eye. If you can’t resolve your issues, agree to disagree.

Love/Friendship: With the dignified Leo Sun in your communication zone aspecting devoted Juno in the realm that governs your love life, your word is your bond. Under this positive influence, your love interest can trust that you’ll make good on what you promise. That’s because love is important to you. Also, you want to ensure that time spent with someone you care for is as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

Career/Finance: If there’s a problem, particularly with a collaboration or a team project, talk it out. With communicator Mercury aligning with wounded healer Chiron, getting things out into the open can pave the way for resolution. You might even find a way to transform a weakness into a strength. It’s crucial that you avoid playing the shame and blame game. Focusing on each individual’s strength fosters cooperation. That’s what you’ll need to work through your issues and get on the right track.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: ‘Still waters run deep’ is an apt description of your emotional state. A profound transformation is taking place, but it might not be something you welcome. Take time out to tune in to your heart.

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