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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

General Overview: You crave the kind of profound experience that makes you feel truly alive. It could come through a romantic encounter or through the pursuit of an important career milestone. Go for it! A soulful Pisces may play a part in this adventure.

Love/Friendship: The passion you feel is real as the moon merges with Mars in sensual Capricorn. A nod from unconventional Uranus says that it could get pretty wild behind closed doors. That’s providing that you don’t allow your insecurity to prevent you from expressing your true desires. If uncoupled, consider that you may have new urges that only the most inventive lover can scratch.

Career/Finance: Today, the sun enters inspirational Pisces and your career zone. Over the next month, you could be in a high visibility role. It’s your chance to command the attention of peers and influential figures. Where do you want to take your career from here? What do you hope to achieve? This planetary power-up can support your advancement. Figure out how to take the next step forward.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: A secret shared with you is best kept to yourself. It’s tempting to blab about it to friends or to post it on social media. Today’s Mercury/Saturn alignment warns that you’d be taking things too far. Never mind the guilt you would feel at having betrayed this person’s trust.

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