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Friday, September 24, 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The rest and relaxation you crave can be hard to come by as the moon meets electric Uranus in your house of repose. Instead of fretting about it, be open to exploring unconventional ways to unwind. A forward-thinking Taurus may have some ideas.

Love/Friendship: Warrior Pallas in your professional sector clashing with dutiful spouse Juno in your partnership zone can spark a clash between career ambition and relationship desires. In a perfect world, you could have it all. Unfortunately, you have to make a choice. Wholeheartedly pursuing your professional ambitions can mean there’s no time for a relationship while giving partnership your all could require that you sacrifice success. There’s no wrong answer. The right choice is the one that you can live with.

Career/Finance: As the Libra Sun aligns with focused Vesta in your work zone, you’ll be inspired to take a more creative approach to what you do. Little by little, you can begin to inject your unique ideas into your work and put your own spin on things. Test the waters with a tiny adjustment before you go all in. In the weeks ahead, you’ll find out whether it’s worthwhile to take it further.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Getting things done won’t be easy when the Taurus Moon meets restless Uranus and opposes indulgent Venus. Instead of attempting to power through, give yourself a well-needed break.

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