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Thursday, April 2, 2020

General Overview: Moodiness gives way to a more playful and spirited vibe as the moon transitions from emotional Cancer to dramatic Leo. You’ll be ready to turn up the volume and have a little fun. Beware of a gloomy Aquarius who wants to rain on your parade.

Love/Friendship: The sun in your sign opposing committed Juno in your relationship zone suggests that your personal interests may be at odds with your partner’s desires or what a relationship requires. In other words, you want to do your own thing. It’s cool if you’re uncoupled, but it’s bound to create problems if you’re in a relationship. If you need a little ‘me time,’’ take it. But don’t forget that someone is waiting for you to make ‘we time’ a priority.

Career/Finance: The pressure to succeed may feel incredibly burdensome as the vulnerable Cancer Moon opposes planets in ambitious Capricorn and your house of status. No matter what you achieve and how much you do, it never feels like it’s enough. If you let the world determine the measure of your success, you’ll never escape the race to stay on top. It’s up to you to decide when you’ve reached a milestone that you’re comfortable with.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: The world expects you to be a firecracker, and you rarely disappoint. Although, sometimes the performance can get weary. Don’t be a rebel without a cause.

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