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Monday, December 9, 2019

General Overview: If you’re going to make a bold move, you need to be absolutely confident that you know what you’re doing. If not, someone (perhaps an equally formidable Scorpio) may call you out. There’s no value in doing things halfway. Are you sure you’ve got this?

Love/Friendship: Virile Mars in Scorpio opposing asteroid Vesta in Taurus can prompt an overly aggressive expression of physical desire. This can be off-putting to someone who prefers a more sensitive and romantic touch. If you’re the one in hot pursuit, check to see that your partner is responsive to your moves. If the roles are reversed, and you feel that the other person is coming on too strong, don’t be afraid to say no.

Career/Finance: You’re bound to make a positive impression as the dependable Taurus Moon activates a pile-up of planets in hard-working Capricorn and your career zone. The passion, determination, and perseverance you bring demonstrates to higher-ups and the public at large that you’re serious about making a success of what you do. If you’re looking for a new position, this stellar line-up makes it an excellent day to interview.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity about the world increases as inquisitive Mercury moves into intellectual Sagittarius. Through December 28, learning, travel, and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds may feature in your plans.

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