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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

General Overview: The message of the day is trust yourself. You are a lot smarter and stronger than you realize. If you’re apprehensive, it could freak out a Pisces who relies upon you to keep it together, especially if they’ve never seen you on edge.

Love/Friendship: Something that transpires could trigger fear or mistrust, giving you pause around a relationship as the sun clashes with dodgy Neptune. It’s probably more about your past and your own issues rather than what’s currently playing out between you and an important person in your life. Be gentle with yourself and be mindful not to make relationship decisions from a place of fear.

Career/Finance: Don’t let an apparent lack of support prevent you from moving forward with a task. The inventive Aquarius Sun in your work zone connecting with wounded healer Chiron suggests that this is an opportunity to exercise resourcefulness and put your skills to the test. Go ahead and challenge yourself to do the thing that you fear you can’t manage on your own. You may discover that you’re more qualified than you think.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: As the industrious Capricorn Moon contacts the South Node, Jupiter, and Venus, you might be inspired to spend the evening indulging in a hobby, creative project, or a favorite activity. It’s the perfect way to unwind. You’ll enjoy it even more if you share the experience with someone special.

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