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Monday, April 6, 2020

General Overview: A heightened emotional state gives way to a more harmonious vibe as the moon transitions from your sign into peace-loving Libra. It can help you to deal with an Aquarius who has become problematic. There’s more to the story than you realize.

Love/Friendship: You work hard at relationships. As driven Mars clashes with disillusioning Neptune, you may wonder what you’re getting in return for all your effort. Is it worth it to persevere in the quest to cultivate your ideal partnership? It’s a question that only you can answer. One thing’s for sure – you could probably use a break from trying so hard. The seeds that you plant need time to blossom. Water them occasionally but give them room to grow.

Career/Finance: Creative inspiration abounds as the moon in your sign contacts Jupiter and Pluto in your house of self-expression. Later on, when the moon contacts stabilizing Saturn, you’ll know how to utilize your ideas in a practical way. A long-term project or plan may be underway. Make a note of all the helpful ideas that come your way. They will come in handy as you move things forward.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: With the moon in your sign contacting expansive Jupiter and obsessive Pluto in your self-expression zone, you’re not one to do things halfway. Taking a deep dive into sports, a hobby, or a creative project can be immensely therapeutic.

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