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Friday, September 24, 2021

Virgo Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Who’s up for an adventure? You are! When the moon meets up with maverick Uranus in your exploration zone, you’ll want to break free from your usual routine and do something different. A Taurus will be the perfect person to play hooky with.

Love/Friendship: Establishing a balance between relationship needs and domestic desires can be challenging as Pallas in your house of partnership clashes with Juno in your home and family zone. If coupled, you and your partner may have different ideas about what should be prioritized and how responsibilities should be delegated. Alternatively, you may feel that your relationship suffers due to family obligations or vice versa. There’s no perfect scenario. Compromise where you can and set boundaries when you need to.

Career/Finance: Now that the sun is in your house of assets, money is frequently on your mind. As the sun aligns with focused Vesta in your mental realm, you’ll find it easy to attend to the details of your concerns, get organized, and make plans to achieve your objectives. Give yourself ample time to understand the lay of the land before diving in. You have a full month in which to execute your plans.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: A moon/Uranus conjunction in your house of higher consciousness may inspire you to explore an unconventional topic of interest. It will make for interesting conversation with someone on your wavelength.

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