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Monday, December 9, 2019

General Overview: What you don’t know will become apparent if you engage in a war of words with someone (maybe a smart Taurus) who knows more than you do. Your opinions don’t count as facts. It might be a good idea to do your homework before you weigh in.

Love/Friendship: Your vibe is romantic and super passionate as the sensual Taurus Moon connects with Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. An adventurous date could give you and your love interest a chance to bond. There’s nothing like sharing a new experience to bring you closer. If you’re single, an intriguing and super sexy stranger from a different culture or background could catch your eye.

Career/Finance: You might have reservations about an assignment that takes you outside your comfort zone while the moon is at odds with the sun in expansive Sagittarius. Perhaps you need a little time to get familiar with the lay of the land? Do enough to show that you’re on it, but don’t venture out too far.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Through December 28, you can get all facts and figures you need to make significant home or lifestyle changes now that planner Mercury is in Sagittarius and your residential zone. There will be an enthusiastic flow of communication with people who share your living space as well as with your extended family. You could telecommute, or there could be increased activity in your home.

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