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Monday, October 21, 2019

General Overview: It’s hard not to rush into things and push for what you think you want. If you’re smart, you’ll slow down and see what’s what before you take action. You should definitely Take a Pisces’ words with a grain of salt if nothing else. It won’t hurt you to wait.

Love/Friendship: Words uttered by your love interest may sound too good to be true. Venus syncing with imaginative Neptune makes for a romantic vibe, but can you have faith in what you hear? Similarly, do you believe what you profess to feel? There’s an element of truth, although romantic types might get caught up in the moment and playact instead of being real. Listen with your mind as well as your heart. And don’t say anything you don’t mean.

Career/Finance: A big-ticket event or a lavish night out could blow your budget thanks to the influence of the Last Quarter Moon in your social sector. Before you splash out, think about your financial obligations and how you pledged to spend your money. Your current financial cycle is coming to a close. Why not finish it with your bills paid and money in the bank?

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Are we having fun yet? Probably not as cranky Mars clashes with the moon’s nodes. You won’t get your money’s worth when you spend on entertainment. And even socializing could feel like a waste of your time. Why not dial down your demands and invest in simple pleasures?

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