Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Temperance Keywords

Patience, moderation, control, balance, meaning, and purpose.

General Meaning for Temperance

The Temperance card is the number 14 card of the Major Arcana. It’s astrologically associated with the sign of Sagittarius.

Temperance in a reading symbolizes patience and bringing balance into your life. While you are gaining a clear vision for the future and where it might take you, you benefit most by not being in a rush. Each step should be carefully thought out, as you strive to make good choices along the way. Act with good timing and allow for things to manifest naturally in their own time.

When Temperance appears in your reading, it signifies a time in your life when you no longer let things bother you. You’re calm, peaceful, and able to see life’s occurrences in their proper perspective. Alternatively, having the Temperance card show up in a reading can signify a time of deep self-evaluation as you search for your true purpose and the meaning of life.

Temperance in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

When Temperance appears in the past portion of a reading, it can represent a relatively peaceful past that set the tone and paved the way for you to succeed in your current field or position in life. Alternatively, it can indicate a chaotic past from which you have grown and become you the person you are today. Either way, an even attitude seems to have brought you to a good place.

Temperance in the Present/Today Meaning

Temperance in the present position means you should be practicing moderation. Whatever seems to be going on in life right now, this is a time that calls for balance and moderation. Be careful not to overdo or wear yourself out. Temperance indicates that this too shall pass, and life will soon be balanced again.

Temperance in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

Temperance in the future position is the best place to find this card, especially in a time-based reading. It is an omen that no matter what life throws your way, things will work out in the future. Balance will always be restored, and with it, another chance to maintain your stability and keep it that way.

Love and Relationships Meaning for Temperance


If you’re single and want to attract a relationship into your life, Temperance’s appearance would suggest that you’re now ready for the right type of relationship. It’s an indication that you’ve done the work. You not only know what you want, but who you are.

Temperance reminds you to be patient in your quest. Given time, the right relationship will present itself. If commitment is part of your dream relationship, then a marriage-minded individual is they type of person you’ll attract.


If you’re already in a relationship, the Temperance card would indicate that you’re involved in a harmonious union that works well because you both bring value to the relationship and your connection is balanced and joyful. It can also signify that any issues you’ve been experiencing as a couple are about to come to a satisfying resolution.

Career Meaning for Temperance

When Temperance appears in a work-related reading, it indicates that you can be a great example to others about acting in a patient and balanced manner despite whatever is going on. You can assist others in seeing the bigger picture, and perhaps looking at the situations they face from both sides; however, it is important that you truly believe this if you are to be an example for others.

Alternatively, Temperance appears to remind you to find the proper balance between work, play, and family. Your family would probably prefer time just spent together having fun over a fabulous vacation where you spent the day working.

If you’re looking for work or a career change, Temperance represents work in the fields of healing, psychology, or mediation. Other careers indicated might be herbalist, aromatherapy consultant, pharmacist, or teacher of any type.

Financial Meaning for Temperance

In a financial reading, Temperance suggests that you likely maintain a good balance in finances – watching what is coming in verses what is being spent. Also, everyone can benefit from having a budget to follow. As long as you maintain a steady pace at building your financial well-being rather than taking a risk on a get-rich-schemes, you have nothing to worry about.

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