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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

The Tower Keywords

Sudden change, upheaval, conflict, shock, awakening, revelation, and release.

General Meaning for the Tower

The Tower is the number 16 card of the Major Arcana and it’s astrologically associated with the planet Mars. The Tower represents major changes that shock us and rattle our foundation. It denotes a period of self-doubt when we may question our ability to see things clearly. Our sense of security gets rattled as we begin to question things we’ve come to rely on or believe in. In life, each event, even the most tragic events, offers us a chance to change our perspective and therefore our experience.

When the Tower shows up in a reading, look at what basic structures in your life are changing or facing major upheaval – divorce, financial trouble, etc. The important thing to remember is that where there is destruction, there can also be new structure and new creations that come as a result. If you believe the Universe has your back, then you will see the Tower as a release from something that may have been holding you back, even if you didn’t see it that way originally. You may be taken out of your comfort zone, but now you are free to take the next step in your personal evolution.

The Tower in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

When the Tower shows up in the past position of a reading, it indicates a dramatic event from your past that may still be affecting you today. Sometimes terrible things happen that cause us so much hurt that we can’t seem to get beyond them. The truth is that it has already happened and the only place you’re still living in that moment is in your memory of it. In reality, the incident already occurred, and you survived. Acknowledge that and allow yourself to live in the present, beyond that moment. Don’t get stuck in the past. See what opportunities can be born from a new perception.

The Tower in the Present/Today Meaning

If you’re not currently embroiled in a conflict, the Tower in the present position may indicate that trouble is on the way. Knowing where you are and what you might expect to arise from this moment makes it easier to deal with. Perhaps you will finally believe that things happen for a reason, and some unexpected good may come out of this difficulty.

The Tower in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

Not unlike the present, when the Tower appears in the future position of your readings, it’s an almost sure sign that something hard to deal with is lurking around the corner. Perhaps there are already signs in the present that point to something falling apart or coming to an end. It’s wise to be prepared – forewarned is forearmed. Knowing what you’re about to deal with is much better than having it come as a complete surprise.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Tower


If you’re single and looking for love and the Tower appears in a love reading, you may discover “your usual type” won’t give you the type of love you now desire, and changes can be made so the people you date align with your desires. It may also be a sign that you need to make some personal changes before you’re ready for a long-term relationship.


If you’re in a relationship, the Tower indicates a make-it or break-it moment. A significant event could be on the horizon that could present a major change in your current relationship. Unfortunately this probably will not be a joyous change, but one that disturbs your way of life. Perhaps a secret about your or our partner is about to come to forefront. Maybe you’re finding out about an infidelity or one of you has developed a hobby that is impossible for the other to live with. It will be up to you – you may decide to stay and work it out or end this chapter once and for all.

Career Meaning for the Tower

Changes at work may cause your livelihood to be threatened. In a career reading, the Tower is a warning meant to prepare you so you can devise a “Plan B” rather than panicking during and after the fact. This may be the last thing in the world you would have imagined or ever wished for, but the writing is on the wall. There is likely still time for you to devise another course of action – move, find a new job, or go back to school and start a new profession. Even the darkest cloud could hold a silver lining.

Financial Reading for the Tower

In a financial reading, the Tower indicates unavoidable changes most likely beyond your control. Loss of a job, a failing stock market, etc. You can likely expect major changes in your financial situation at the very least. And again, forewarned is forearmed. If you’re aware of things before they happen you can prepare as much as humanly possible. Don’t gamble or entertain risky investments. Make good decisions that will hopefully payoff in the future.

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