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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

General Overview: Your lust for life is infectious, and it makes it a pleasure to be around you. However, a Capricorn won’t find you very amusing if you don’t manage to take care of business. It’s crucial that you follow through. Work first, play later.

Love/Friendship: It takes courage to let someone know how much you care. Expressive Mercury at odds with the North Node suggests that you might be on the fence about sharing your thoughts and feelings. With Mercury in eccentric Aquarius, your declaration could be a little out there and might go over the listener’s head. Or you might not say enough to adequately express what’s on your mind. Perhaps you should take a moment to rehearse what you want to say?

Career/Finance: Balancing responsibility with having fun can be a challenge while sociable Venus clashes with demanding Saturn and powerful Pluto. It’s crucial that you be seen as mature and hard-working, but sometimes you need to blow off a little steam. It’s okay to goof off when the boss isn’t looking, providing that you get your work done.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: What you mean and what you say get muddled with the moon void of course in your communication zone throughout the day. With the moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius, it’s clear that you’re excited about something. Hopefully, your spirited vibe will be enough to transmit your good intentions.

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