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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Libra Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: There’s nothing you want more out of life than harmony. Certain individuals (like a volatile Aries) may test your ability to maintain a peaceful vibe in your world. You can’t always avoid conflict. Confrontation might be necessary to reestablish order.

Love/Friendship: With the proud Leo Sun aspecting Juno in your sign, you relish playing the part of the devoted partner. Hence, you’re likely to spend the day doting on your love interest. If you’re single, a close friend may be the lucky recipient of your loving care. In fact, a friend might be the person who appreciates your attention most. Even a small gesture can go a long way toward brightening someone’s day.

Career/Finance: Successful collaboration demands that you address problems when they arise. Communicator Mercury aligning with wounded healer Chiron makes it an opportune moment to air your grievances with a colleague or team that you’re working with. Don’t play the shame or blame game. Your discussion will go more smoothly if you stick strictly to the facts. Being able to receive criticism will be an essential part of working things out. The feedback you receive might be exactly what you need to hear.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Dealing with people isn’t always easy. It seems to be the ones who are closest to you that know how to get under your skin. Take space for yourself when you need it.

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