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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The Pisces Moon activates your fifth house of creative expression, joy, and passion and the conjunction with Neptune increases and expands your creativity until it’s practically boundless! Today everything and everyone is a canvas and if they hold still for even a moment, you’ll turn them into art of some kind. Have fun and spread your vision and joy. The world desperately needs that right now. Invite another Scorpio to wield a brush with you and paint the town beautiful.

Love/Friendship: Mars activates your seventh house of partnership and his dance with wounded healer, Chiron, underscores where you have wounds around anger and conflict. It also illuminates ways in which you behave passive-aggressively rather than with a healthy response. These transits occur so that you become aware of something that needs to be healed. Without awareness nothing changes. Once you know though, the game is on!

Career/Finance: Mars aspecting Chiron also impacts your work and job in much the same way it impacts your love relationships. Once you address your fear of conflict, or your mishandling of anger, you will be able to step into your power and leadership ability and you will move mountains.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: What is guaranteed to bring you happiness? How can you increase that in your life? You are the only one that can make that happen, so get busy and create that for yourself.

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