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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Well, this is a happy day for you, and you are in your full Scorpio glory with a Full Moon and Halloween all on the same day. Your already keen psychic perceptions are even stronger under this transit, and your ability to penetrate to the heart of a situation or person is almost scary. Therefore, be mindful not to offer information or guidance to someone unless they actually ask you to. I’m sure you had all of your Halloween preparations ready weeks ago, but you can still tweak and add to them today. Teach a Virgo what’s so fun about this holiday. Their left-brain logic desperately needs a dash of magic and woo-woo.

Love/Friendship: The Full Moon stirs emotions, and that is compounded by the conjunction with unpredictable Uranus today. People may be more volatile, and feelings explode without warning, so tiptoe carefully if you sense an undercurrent of anger about to erupt.

Career/Finance: The square between Mercury and Saturn makes communication difficult but enhances business, deepening concentration and focus. Still, if you can take the day off, do so. Chances are that there is nothing so pressing that it can’t wait until office hours on Monday.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Be sure to tune into your ancestors, guides, and teachers today. The deceased have messages for you that are easy to send and receive with the veil so very thin this weekend.

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