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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

General Overview: You won’t be sorry if you make the extra effort required to be fully conscious of the impact of your words and actions. It can make an emotional Pisces feel as though they matter to you rather than feeling as if you don’t really care.

Love/Friendship: It’s okay if you’re not feeling the love. As the aloof Aquarius Sun clashes with romantic Neptune, making an effort when you’re not into it can come across as insincere. This isn’t a fake it until you feel it moment. You probably have other things (like home and family) on your mind. Taking a recess from romance can be very refreshing.

Career/Finance: The innovative Aquarius Sun contacting fragmented Chiron reminds you that there’s a reason why work is called work. It takes consistent mental and physical effort to succeed at your tasks and achieve the desired results. Keeping this in mind could make it easier to manage a challenging assignment. Approaching it in a fresh and inventive way can get you over the hump and get you excited about approaching your work in a novel way.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Kind words can smooth things over and make someone feel good. However, the unyielding Capricorn Moon contacting the South Node, Jupiter, and Venus suggests this might be a habitual way of playing nice rather than a sincere and thoughtful mode of expression. Your listener deserves more.

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