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Friday, October 18, 2019

General Overview: You’re only as powerful as your ability to make wise choices. Growing in power means owning your mistakes and being quick to correct them. Also, don’t bother blaming a Pisces if you do something foolish. You’re responsible for yourself.

Love/Friendship: You can talk a person into or out of just about anything as expressive Mercury in your sign aligns with persuasive Pluto. Your tone, your words, and the probing questions you ask make an impact and help you uncover what you want to know. Hence, if there’s a critical discussion you need to have with your partner, now is the time. Your sleuthing skills are on point. For singles, a social media search could tell you what you need to know about your current crush.

Career/Finance: Wounded Chiron in your employment zone aligning with powerhouse Pluto can empower you to transform a workplace liability into a strength. It could involve owning a mistake and being accountable for your actions. Or it could mean doing intensive research to fill in gaps in your know-how. It’s all about getting creative and being confident enough to turn things around.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You give a lot because you’re a generous person. Today’s messy moon/Jupiter/Neptune alignment warns against overspending on needy people and frivolous activities. You’re not always looking for a return, although it would nice to feel appreciated or to get your money’s worth.

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