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Monday, December 9, 2019

General Overview: Not only are people watching what you do, they’re also paying close attention to what you say. Walking your talk will show the world that you have integrity. You’ll need it to win over a smart Sagittarius who has a hand in your fate.

Love/Friendship: The love you share with friends is a source of strength as the loyal Taurus Moon contacts planets in steadfast Capricorn. It feels good to have people in your life that you can trust to have your back. A conversation with one of your pals will be meaningful and a mutually beneficial experience. Be on the lookout for a new person who might be a good fit for your crew.

Career/Finance: Your bright ideas and strategies will attract attention now that Mercury is in enthusiastic Sagittarius and your career zone. Through December 28, it will be to your advantage to broadcast what you know. It’s an excellent time to discuss your ideas with higher-ups as well as your peers. It’s a great time to network and make inroads with people who can help you level up your career.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Aggressively defending your beliefs won’t win someone over to your point of view. In fact, it could make them wonder if you really know what you’re talking about or believe what you say. Perhaps you should take a deeper look into your convictions?

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