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Thursday, April 2, 2020

General Overview: Flirtation and fun and games give way to more practical considerations of how you use your time and energy as the moon moves from your expressive fifth house to your productive sixth. Getting an Aquarius to take you seriously may be chief amongst your concerns.

Love/Friendship: You may feel that your love interest treats you as a sex object or an ATM as the selfish Aries Sun opposes companionable Juno. This can make you question whether they recognize your true worth. There’s a lot more to you than sex appeal or money; however, if you play up your looks or assets rather than asserting more subtle virtues, you can hardly blame them. In most cases, what you allow determines how people will treat you.

Career/Finance: You love to show off your skills. As the Leo Moon opposes Mars and Saturn, you may doubt your ability to pull off a flawless performance. Your inner critic may worry that you’re not innovative enough or that you can’t keep up with more ambitious coworkers. It’s always good to check that your skills are competitive. The only way to find out is by putting them to the test.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: The bond you make with someone who’s on your spiritual wavelength can be long-lasting. They can influence you (and vice versa) for years to come. Hence, you should choose companions, teachers, and guides with care.

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