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Friday, September 24, 2021

Pisces Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The moon traversing your third house signals that a busy day is in store. Erratic Uranus in the mix warns that things aren’t likely to go according to plan. Fortunately, you’re someone who can go with the flow. You’ll need to be flexible to keep up with a Taurus.

Love/Friendship: You’ll want to get down to the truth of a relationship and find out what’s real as the Libra Sun in your house of intimacy aligns with Vesta in your higher consciousness zone. Easy now, Pisces. All signs indicate that neither you nor your love interest is prepared to take a deep dive. Take it slowly. Trust needs to be fully established before you can ask the kind of questions you want to ask.

Career/Finance: Your intuition is supercharged with perceptive Pallas and mystical Neptune in your sign. Although it doesn’t mean that you’ll always know how to please a boss who demands your total devotion. With Pallas squaring Juno in your professional sector, you might read the signals wrong or fail to anticipate their needs. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Even a person as psychic as you occasionally has an off day. Just ask them what they want.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: A conversation can be a real opener. Particularly when you’re provided with a different perspective on your beliefs. Savor this ah-ha moment and let it inspire deeper learning.

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