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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: The Libra Moon shines on home and family today, so fluff up your nest, weed your garden, and dive into those home repair projects you’ve been thinking about. The moon is opposite Mars and square Saturn, so emotions may be tense and bit a volatile, but that will soon pass. The moon moves into Scorpio this afternoon and your creativity lights up the sky. Invite a Capricorn to share a creative project and you’ll both be delighted by the outcome and your time spent together.

Love/Friendship: Saturn activates your seventh house of partnership and is square the moon today, increasing your sensitivity and a need for security. Chances are your beloved feels the same way so take a little time to reassure them, and if you need the same, don’t hesitate to ask.

Career/Finance: Mars activates your tenth house of career and achievement and is opposite the moon, creating intense emotional energy, irritability, and an overall sense of intolerance. This is not a day to make important decisions or to have an important conversation. Wait a day or two and then revisit anything that needs tending to. The outcome will be much better.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Count your blessings, then do it again. Each time through you realize more and more to be grateful for. Do this every day and your entire life will change.

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