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Monday, October 21, 2019

General Overview: You’re giving out cranky crab vibes. It dampens the mood for others as well as yourself. Spending time with a compassionate pal who gets you is the remedy for your crabby mood. Call a Pisces who cares. They always have the right remedy for cheering you up.

Love/Friendship: Your affection for a special someone increases when you discover that you’re on the same spiritual wavelength. Venus syncing with mystical Neptune adds a higher dimension of attraction. You might connect with a fellow seeker in a house of worship, a meditation group, or a yoga class. Knowing that you share a spiritual foundation provides an immediate level of comfort. If you’re currently coupled, try embarking upon a shared spiritual journey. Your bond deepens by exploring life’s mysteries together in whatever form appeals to you.

Career/Finance: You might be distracted with the Last Quarter Moon in your sign. Hence, it could be challenging to stay focused. It might be best to work on simple tasks that can be completed with ease. Sticking with the program and finishing what you’ve started is the most important thing. In the weeks ahead, there will be more time to explore new ideas.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Mad much? Hostile Mars clashing with the moon’s nodes could get your knickers in a twist over home and family matters. Not listening to others and ignoring your most essential needs adds fuel to the fire. Breathe deeply and respond consciously rather than blindly reacting.

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