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Strength Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Strength Keywords

Strength, courage, fortitude, control, patience, compassion, and determination.

General Meaning for Strength

The Strength card is the number eight card of the Major Arcana and its astrological representative is the sign of Leo. Similar to the Chariot that focuses on outer strength and stamina to accomplish goals, the Strength card focuses on inner strength, willpower, and the spirit’s ability to overcome obstacles. The Strength card is about showing compassion and acceptance, not just for others, but for yourself as well.

If the Strength card appears in your reading, this is an indication that these are qualities you already possess. Likely, you have done the work of mastering your emotions and impulses and conquered your inner fears on your journey to reaching a higher level of consciousness. Strength speaks of your ability to avoid acting impulsively and wildly; instead, you’re able to step back and assess certain situations before taking action. And as you exude this inner peace, you are able to calm those around you. Strength is a symbol of balancing your human side with your animal instincts and the desire to live in unity with the divine. Simply put, the Strength card represents the balancing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Strength in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

When the Strength card appears in the past position of your reading, it indicates that there was a moment in the past when you had to summon strength and courage to meet a goal, and you were successful. Accomplishing goals like graduating school, passing an exam, getting in shape, or obtaining a promotion would all fall into this arena. Now you can use these accomplishments to usher you to the next level.

Strength in the Present/Today Meaning

In the present position, the Strength card reminds you that as you work towards your next accomplishment, stay steady and continue doing what you’re doing. Focus and dedication to overcoming obstacles are where you should put all of your energy at the moment. You’ll meet your goal(s) soon enough, as long as you don’t lose momentum.

Strength in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Strength card in the future portion of a reading is a good omen that a current stress or worry is unwarranted. Soon you’ll look back and wonder why you were even worried at all. Generally speaking, if you were to think back to some things you were worried about in the past, you’ll see that nothing much came of them, and it was the fear alone that worried you needlessly. Just as time heals all wounds, it also takes care of our problems. You’ve got this.

Love and Relationships Meaning for Strength

When the Strength card appears in love reading, it’s an indication that you’re on the right path. You’ve assessed what you want and how you’re going to attain it. Whatever you’re doing is perfectly in line with your goals.


If you’re single, Strength points out your ability to exude confidence and attract the right person. You know what you want, and you won’t waste your time on connecting with people who aren’t on your path. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’re only focused on serious-minded individuals. There’s no time to waste on serial daters or commitment-phobic individuals who cause you to doubt your ability to have it all. You may be generating plenty of interest, but you should only show interest in someone with your particular goals and values.


If you’re in a relationship, the Strength card confirms that your relationship is strong and growing stronger with time. As you concentrate on building a life together, shrug off any doubts or concerns you may have had in the past, especially if you’ve gone through some recent rough patches. Your relationship is more solid for them.

Career Meaning for Strength

In a work or career reading, the Strength card is confirmation that you’re on the right track. If you’re searching for employment, you’re taking all the right steps to get the job of your dreams. You have done the work that enables you to let go of any fears that you’re not up to the task. If you’re already gainfully employed, you may be setting yourself up for a raise or promotion. Know that your determination and balanced approach to meeting this goal will eventually pay off.

Financial Meaning for Strength

In a financial reading, Strength appears as a positive sign that your savings plan has paid off. Now that you have managed your finances and expenses over time, you’ve been able to save enough for a big-ticket purchase or investment. You’re likely ready to buy your first new car, house, or simply upgrade your living conditions thanks to those good financial practices.

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