The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

The Emperor Keywords

The father figure, the steady rock representing power, structure, and authority. Routine, regimented and reliant on rules and regulations.

General Meaning of the Emperor

The Emperor is the number four card in the Major Arcana, and it is associated with the sign of Aries. The Emperor is a solid, stable leader who provides others with a sense of security. He’s a man with a plan that he follows by the book from beginning to end. The Emperor has a worldly air about him, offering sound advice and guidance, most of which he’s gathered through life experiences. As the powerful and protective elder or father figure, he shares his wisdom in the hope that everyone will benefit and pass his knowledge on to future generations. He’s passionate, energetic, and can’t resist a good challenge.

If the Emperor appears in your reading, it is a sign that you possess innate wisdom derived through observation and life experiences. You’re likely more stable and grounded than you think. You have the ability to create order out of chaos and manifest material wealth from an idea. This is also an indication that you may soon be presented with an opportunity to create even more stability and success in your life.

The Emperor in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

In the past position, the Emperor represents a strong, wise, by-the-book person, possibly a father figure, teacher, or mentor. This person had a great influence on your life, and you still live by the rules and structure you were taught. Hopefully, this has brought you the success you desire, although you may feel as though there’s always room for more.

The Emperor in the Present/Today Meaning

When the Emperor appears in the present position of a reading, it implies that you may soon meet a role model or begin a new course of action that helps you get organized, and putting your life on a steady track. Even if you’ve felt unsure of your true path up till now, the Emperor in the present will provide you with the strength and courage you need to succeed.

The Emperor in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Emperor in the future position of the cards marks a point at which you may take on a new perspective that leads to a more stabilized lifestyle. This is a time to follow established structure and rules rather than a time to reinvent the wheel. You have earned this status, and you may be perceived as an expert in your chosen field. Others will learn from your experiences.

Love and Relationships Meaning for the Emperor

The Emperor in a love reading usually points to a strong, focused individual who is the masculine energy in the relationship. It can also point to a well-established and long-standing relationship that is based in commitment.


If you’re looking for love and The Emperor appears in your love reading, you may soon meet someone who is ready for a committed relationship. The relationship may not be solely romantic, but the relationship will be a solid union. It may also be a sign that you need to be more open with your emotions when it comes to the people you care about, be they romantic or platonic.


In a long-standing relationship, the Emperor represents someone who will always take care of you and have your back. They like to be the one everyone relies on, especially their partner. He enjoys taking the lead and being a source of support. Sometimes this energy can become a bit overbearing, but a quick check of his actions could soften his delivery. He’s wise enough to know that a relationship where both feel supported will be the most successful.

Career Meaning for the Emperor

When the Emperor appears in career reading, it could indicate that you either have a boss or mentor who is successful who sees similar qualities in you, or a sign that you recognize these leadership qualities in yourself. You could become quite successful in either scenario. If you are looking for work, the Emperor is a sign that you need to be organized and logical in your job search. Good things are ahead for your career, but you must be persistent.

Financial Meaning for the Emperor

You are likely drawn to working in established fields such as law or finance that will help you build a solid financial future. Whether you work for others or for yourself, you’ll likely always seek extra opportunities to create wealth either through investments or property ownership. Handle your money and investments wisely, choosing conservative methods over risk taking. The Emperor never acts on a whim or takes chances; he is a man of strategy and planning.

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