My Future Love Tarot Spread

My Future Love Tarot Spread | California Psychics

Is Love in My Future?

Who hasn’t asked that question, some of us many times over? Loving and being loved seems to be top of the list when it comes to what we need. Conditions, coincidences, and our state of mind and heart all need to be “right” to bring about a true love opportunity. This makes us sometimes feel that it’s a “long shot” and maybe we should “just get a cat”. Yet, most of us do have a soul mate.

I don’t really think we only have one, but I don’t think we have tons of them, either. At certain points in our lives, one type of partner fills the bill better than another, and at some point we will meet the one who will go the distance, if we really want them to.

Many times, they will be someone we have been with in a previous lifetime, and occasionally, the past of this lifetime. But, before we can find that future love we’re slated for, we have to ask ourselves this all-important question: Am I willing and open to finding true love?

Why Would Anyone Hesitate?

Lots of reasons.

Love requires a number of things from us that maybe we don’t really want to commit to.

For example: putting someone else’s needs in front of our own when it is truly necessary. Taking the risk of someone seeing us at our worst (because they will) sometimes. Or, accommodating another being’s energy in our sacred space, and frequently sharing money, time, messes, head colds, and of course, pleasures unlimited!

Is it that Old Flame or Someone New?

The quick answer: Usually someone new but remember, they may not feel “new” to you because you might have karmic ties that span centuries.

Occasionally, it will be the “high school sweetheart” or some equivalent. But most of the time when there is a reunion in-person, they are different, we are different, and that becomes quickly obvious.

When break-ups that last for more than a few days occur, they’ve happened for a good reason. That’s why our future love is seldom that old flame. Enjoy them in memory, because that is where they truly live, and remember that with the Universe in all its glorious, strange complexity, there’s sometimes an exception to this rule.

Is it Love You’re Looking for or the Perfect Dream Relationship?

Love means accepting and celebrating a real person, imperfections and all. There are no perfect people, nor are we perfect.

So, although it’s fine to have an ideal blueprint in mind of the kind of partner we’d like, let the Universe surprise you with a different personality, race, appearance, or income level than you believe is your “type”. You just might have stumbled onto a soul mate!

Your ultimate destiny is the spiritual evolution that understanding someone different from us forces us to encompass. But, in case that feels like “settling”, let’s ask ourselves: Settling for what? Maybe the best times we’ve ever had showed up in unexpected ways!

This happens a lot and the angels laugh!

Tarot Cards Most Associated with Love

Depending on how we state our question, almost any of the Tarot images can relate to love. But, here are some of the most frequent cards that pop up in a love Tarot reading:

The Lovers

Definitely a past life signal, this card is speaking of karmic ties, and unbreakable bonds that span centuries. It’s the ultimate “soul mate” card.

Ace of Cups

This relates to something brand new, that is big. As in, the “big love” of your life.

Two of Cups

A sweet romance is developing and is still in the early stages.

Three of Cups

You are sharing details of your love with close friends and they are celebrating your joy!

Ten of Cups

Marriage is on the horizon, or whatever would be the equivalent to you.

Knight of Cups

This person is a tender lover, most likely a Water sign.

Four of Wands

An engagement is probable.

Ten of Pentacles

This could potentially be a long-term relationship, which will include financial security.


Your relationship contains warmth, energy, and affection.


A Wedding Officiant of your choice is waiting for your call.

Court Cards

They represent the appearance, temperament, and frequently the astrological sign of your lover.

The Future Love Tarot Spread

Cindy wondered when she would really meet “the one”. She hadn’t really dated anyone for a couple of years when we spoke and she hoped that that didn’t mean she had somehow failed to read the signs correctly.

She wondered about a couple of people from her past. She sensed true love was somewhere in her future, but wondered if she was doing anything to push it away.

We tried the spread that follows and here’s what it told us:

A Heart Shaped Tarot Spread

This is a ten-card spread that is laid out like a heart. Card one is at the upper left curve, descending downwards to card 5 at the bottom point of the heart. Cards 6-10 ascend upwards to the right, with Card 10 at the crown of the spread in the middle.

Future Love Tarot Heart-Shaped Spread | California Psychics

Card One- Why haven’t I found true love yet?

Cindy got the Eight of Cups reversed. She hadn’t yet let go of fantasies about a lover from the past. This was tying up her energy.

Card Two- What can I do about that?

Ten of Cups. She found an understanding counselor who helped her see that the past was the past, and not the future.

Card Three- Is there anything I can do to speed up this meeting?

The High Priestess. She decided to focus daily, for five minutes only, signaling her willingness and openness to the Universe for real love to find her, and promising to let go of her preconceptions.

Card Four- How will I know them?

King of Pentacles. Most likely a dark-haired man, connected with business, very likely an astrological Earth sign.

Card Five- How will I find them?

Three of Cups. It will be at a friend’s engagement party or wedding reception.

Card Six- When will I find them?

The Sun. It will be during warm weather, most likely high summer.

Card Seven- What energy surrounds the situation?

Ace of Cups. It will feel like the “big love” from the start, and be someone completely new.

Card Eight- What will be my first impression of them?

The Magician. They will be the most intelligent person in the room.

Card Nine- What will be the main bond between us?

Ten of Pentacles. You both want a long-term relationship that could last a lifetime.

Card Ten- What do I need to keep in mind about this relationship?

The Lovers. This appears to be a karmic relationship. You share a destiny to help each other develop spiritually. This is useful to keep in mind when the relationship hits some snags, as it inevitably will.

Cindy met her soul mate in midsummer and planned a wedding for the following spring. May the Love angels, likewise, light your own path to true love in your future!

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    I’m wondering about my future with my husband and I. Been married 6 years but been together for 11 or almost 11 years. I feel deception and never really now what’s going on at times. He’s been missing work alot lately because of his brother but doesn’t do what he says he going to do. I’m also wondering about my job. We are really slowing down because of the chip shortage. Should I stay and see what happens or should I find another job. I’m torn. Not sure what to do. Thank you April


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