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Friday, May 29, 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: As the moon transitions out of your sign, it leaves you with a sense of what’s most important to you now. And it’s being in the company of people you feel close to. A Gemini, in particular, may be very easy to talk to, and someone you can trust.

Love/Friendship: You can get a bit clingy with the sun squaring needy Ceres in your intimacy zone. Under this influence, the closeness you crave can be cloying. It isn’t wise to be overly attentive to someone’s needs. You may think you’re being helpful, but it smacks of desperation. When in doubt, dial it down a notch before someone notices that you’re going overboard.

Career/Finance: Don’t let money be an obstacle to doing something fun with a friend. With the First Quarter Moon impacting finances, you may wonder if you can afford to splurge. If you can’t, downgrade your plans to more cost-friendly or free fun. With the social Gemini Sun in your friendship zone, spending time with your squad and meeting new people is more important than ever. Find a way to make it work.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: There’s something to be said for finding spirituality that speaks to you. It can be your port in a storm. Don’t wait until you experience turbulence to find teachings that resonate with you. Why not read a book or two, or talk to a trusted mentor?

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