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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: Today’s Full Moon in spirited Aries packs a punch. Before you know it, you could be up on a soapbox fighting for your rights. You and an Aries or Capricorn might not see eye-to-eye, but it’s no reason to go on a rampage. Mind your mood.

Love/Friendship: Problems you encounter in the love life department are likely to be self-driven as devoted Juno and withholding Saturn collide. Praying for a partner is one thing. Knowing how to relate to them once they’ve arrived is an entirely different matter. Will limiting beliefs prevent you from receiving the love you desire? Practice being present for connection.

Career/Finance: With the Full Moon in fiery Aries, it may feel like someone wants to clip your wings. Add reactive Eris and overbearing Pluto to the mix, and rage arises when you’re prevented from branching out in a new direction or taking the next steps with a project. Don’t get caught up in who’s right or who’s wrong. A heated situation could escalate before you realize that it’s gotten out of hand. Know when it’s best to step back from a disagreement that no one can win.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Your faith could be put to the test by today’s events. How do you hold your center when dealing with obstacles that arise in your path? Ask Spirit or your guides to show you a workaround.

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