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Friday, October 18, 2019

General Overview: Following the lead of a smart and adventurous friend can reveal exciting possibilities for your future and can offer insight as to how to finish a pending project. In fact, a shrewd Capricorn could be your best workplace ally, so join forces with them.

Love/Friendship: They say there’s no such thing as too much fun, but with the Gemini Moon in your social sector opposing ‘more is more’ Jupiter, you could discover your limits. Your finances could take a hit if you don’t know when to say no. Going to more places and doing more things doesn’t necessarily add up to more pleasure. If you really want to have fun (and stay within budget) narrow down your choices to a couple of select events. Ask a friend or your partner to help you decide.

Career/Finance: Savvy Mercury in Scorpio aligning with powerhouse Pluto in your work sector suggests that you know more about a task than you think. Rely upon your instincts to fill in the gaps. Something about your current assignment may relate to something you learned in the past. Your approach might not be entirely orthodox, but it probably won’t set off alarms if it gets the job done.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Bridging the gap between what you don’t know and where you have expertise can level up your confidence. Venture into areas adjacent to where you feel competent and do some research. Little by little, you’ll fill in your blanks.

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