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Friday, April 3, 2020

General Overview: Your lust for life is palpable. And that’s why so many people have been emailing, calling, and texting you. You and a Gemini you’re just getting to know will have quite a lot to talk about. Going forward, they could be a permanent fixture in your life.

Love/Friendship: You’re the person everyone wants to be seen with now that Venus is in Gemini and your social sector. Through August 7, being the popular girl or guy means that you’ll be invited to lots of events and get-togethers. If the in-crowd has yet to catch on to how phenomenal you are, they’ll get a clue when you begin to infiltrate their circles. Socializing with your squad could provide opportunities to make a love connection.

Career/Finance: You may wonder if a colleague, client, or professional ally is working with you or against you as ambitious Mars clashes with the North Node. Part of the problem is that you might not be in touch with your true desires and what you want out of your working relationship. They can’t read your mind. Beware of sending out mixed signals.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: With the moon in your sign aspecting the vibrant Aries Sun, you’re all about living your best life. That means learning new things and exploring more of what life has to offer. Where do you want to grow next? There are loads of exciting possibilities!

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