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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

General Overview: With the moon transiting your social sector, you’ll want to be around individuals with whom you feel an emotional and intellectual connection. You and Geminis speak the same language and will have quite a lot to share with each other.

Love/Friendship: You’ll start a ruckus when you say something that isn’t well thought out, thanks to chatty Mercury clashing with shock jock Uranus. You might think you sound pretty clever, especially if you’re out to get a laugh. However, an important person in your life might not find it so funny. Some performances should be reserved for a less discriminating crowd. If you have to think twice about it, it should be left unsaid.

Career/Finance: Attractor Venus in your house of earnings aligning with inventive Uranus could bring an unusual opportunity your way. Your career has progressed in more of a zigzag fashion in recent years rather than moving in a straight line. Hence, you should be used to twists and turns. What’s happening now is no different. A spectacular prospect could look a lot different than you imagine. Be open to unconventional opportunities. Something super exciting could be in store.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: A long convo with a friend can help you sort through an important personal concern. It can be therapeutic to get things out into the open and receive feedback that helps you gain closure.

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