The Astrology of Your Name

Acrophonology: What’s in a Name

Acrophonology is the study of letters in a name. Each letter in the alphabet equates to a sign in the zodiac and carries its own unique energy. Each name you carry is important—first, middle, last,  married or nickname. Most important is your mother’s maiden name. Here are the heritage, karma and blocks you need to overcome in this lifetime.

Many of my callers who have met someone new do not know their mate’s date of birth (which I find very helpful in my reading style). But without the date of birth and just the name of the person—even just the first name—I can get an idea of their nature and personality by equating the letters in their name through the system of acrophonology.

Remember the letters carry the vibrations of the signs. So in an abstract way, you can do a little name chart with the letters and put together a look-see of the person (or yourself) you are seeking information about, be it a new friend or potential partner. As life takes us on a name-changing journey with marriage for women, I have found men take on nicknames. These names tell a lot about their inner nature or true self at different stages in their life.

Here is a brief overview of the basic vibrations each letter carries via the astrological sign:

A – Aries: Active, assertive personality, adventurous and enthusiastic

B – Taurus: Very practical, determined personality, collectors of memories

C – Gemini: Friendly, outgoing, creative, overactive mind

D – Cancer: Nurturing and family-oriented, their word is their bond

E – Gemini: Intellectual and communicative, hates to be misquoted

F – Leo: Friendly and romantic, fun loving, demanding, loves children

G – Virgo: High standards, good work ethics, tireless workers

H – Capricorn: Seeker of status and monetary gain, organized, dry sense of humor

I – Taurus: Sensual, earthy, practical and money-orientated, protective, possessive

J – Sagittarius: Sense of fair play, open-minded and optimistic, lovers of philosophy

K – Scorpio: Powerful, private, self-contained, emotional nature, magnetic, sensual

L – Libra: Social, romantic, charming and full of grace, insecure

M – Cancer: Emotional, family-oriented, nurturing, can smother those they love

N – Virgo: Practical, intellectual, analytical and seeker of perfection, critical, inhibited

O – Cancer: Tenacious, cling for security, territorial, obsessive, manipulative

P – Libra: Peace-loving, social, independent, relationships are very important

Q – Sagittarius: Excitable, optimistic, idealistic, humanitarian, strong intuitive nature

R – Aries: Rational, logical, thrive on a challenge, impatient, ability to act as they think

S – Capricorn: Success-oriented, responsible, survivors, cold and shy

T – Pisces: Sensitive, compassionate and intuitive, overindulgent

U – Sagittarius: Outgoing and generous, opinionated, friendly

V – Aquarius: Idealistic, logical, marches to a different drummer

W – Leo: Sensitive, ego and pride take center stage, romantic and creative

X – Pisces: Multi-talented, diverse, great imagination, smart and creative

Y – Capricorn: Independent, achievers, business and organizational skills

Z – Pisces: Extremely lucky or very unlucky, a very karmic letter, private, compassionate

104 thoughts on “The Astrology of Your Name

  1. Debra

    The reading was very interesting. I would like to read more about it. Is there a book you can buy to learn more? Thanks!!

  2. Robin Whitman

    i’d like to know the meaning of my name. my name at birth is Robin jill Thompson, my mother’s maiden name was Washington. Whitman is my married name. Thank you.

  3. -quinn

    hi everyone,
    thank you all so much for your comments. i wish i could respond to each of you as some very nice and interesting comments were made.
    this study fyi is a very ancient art/science that was rediscovered in the late 70’s by shirle kiley an astrologer from new jersey.
    i did not come upon it until the 90’s.
    for me i love the way the dots of life connect. numbers, letters, astrology, tarot, spirit guides, spritual practices and more of the spiritual sciences that are used to give guidance and information. it is in those ah ha moments when i do a reading that i become more and more passionate about my work.
    thank you all again for reading the articles and adding your thoughts.

  4. Hilda Alicia Sanchez Villarreal

    I have never herd of this before, can you tell me about my name? my birth name is Hilda Alicia Sanchez Villarreal. my maried name is Hilda Alicia Gonzalez.
    Thank you

  5. Joyce [Holtom] Gauthier

    I’m having a few health issues { Spinal Stenoses } An operation is pending…Do you see recovery and health improving after the operation. Also, does my life with my partner look good…He left me for another woman and now we are back together. Joyce July 28th, 1936

  6. Faye Cameron

    I really found this to be quite accurate as far as my name is concerned. It couldn’t have been more thorough. Thanks

  7. Maria Isabel Alspach

    I forgot to mention my name is Maria Isabel Alspach, 07/17/1956-mothers maiden name is :Almenar. Love interest is Clifford Issac Zalay: birth date 06/18/1934

  8. Maria Isabel Alspach

    I am interested in an older man of 78 years young and it seems he also has an interest in me. Whether our relationship turns out to be a love interest or not I suppose time will tell. Right now the Great One has sent him to fix my financial picture…I think. Anyway; his name is Clifford Issac Zalay… Do you have any insight on this matter? Just curious…

  9. Manya Wilson

    While there are a few psychics outthere who are real; I still talk to Jesus. I have this friend that I met online, we have only met eachother one time, and I keep asking him are we going to spend anytime together. Last week he was visting his children, and this week he has been busy at work. He will even send me nude pictures of what he would like to do with me in bed, but we have not spent anymore time together. I am not sure if I should drop him or just simply wait. I have been hurt in past relationships, and I just do not want to go through that again.


    It was an very special moment when I went through the information regarding the power of each letter in an individuals name. At this juncture I humbly request yourselves to mail me the details of power of my name, so that it would enable me to understand myself in a better way.

    Thanks & Regards


  11. michael martin cates

    memories are very special to me and it seems from something that my mother ask of me shortly before she passed! Mike will you remember me?? I thought for a moment and after just a moment I said How could I forget you! We have so many MEMORIES TOGETHER!!!!! As time has passed that is the same with my wife and two daughers! So it was with the latest TRAGEDY THAT JUST HAPPENED in Colorado! My mind when back to Vietnam one day when one of my friends ask if he could TRADE PLACES with me for guard duty and I said sure if that will make you happy! A couple of hours later he and his two friends were killed as they got on a helicopter to fly up to a hill top to pull guard duty! I was suppose to be in that seat! Why him and not me? Some would say and torment themselves to death! I rather took a different approach for some reason that I NEEDED TO COME BACK AND DO ALL THAT I COULD WITH MY LIFE! I could not waist a moment! I always say they would love to have the challenges that I have! They would say something like this maybe “Come Mike it really is not that hard” I would trade places with where you are now! I would hope they will always be able to say all the soldiers that I left there in Vietnam! Good Job Mike (they would use my last name Cates)! You are not waisting a minute that God/I gave you when you whent home! I say this because I know some of the people that survived the Masacre in Colorado probably are wondering why them and not me! JUST BE HAPPY THEY WOULD WANT THAT FOR YOU!!

  12. Mema

    I’m not sure about the meaning of names, however,I like what you’re saying, “Sex is an action of the body. Love is an action of the heart”, and I agree with you Psychic Qween…May you be blessed with the gift of Psychic Power…

  13. jana

    I like your profile very much,
    when I am ready I would like to contact you.
    Wish you all the best

  14. Jenny

    Very cool article! I tend to put a astrological spin on Numerology, but have never before considered that the letters themselves have astrological associations. Awesome! Would love to find more info about acrophonology! Thank you!

  15. Cheryl

    Wow! I looked at the letter making up my name and I was amazed how accurately my personality was described.


    Thanks ma,am in lagos cost&internet problem.are my names & family my real ones?am i ur heir apparent?lov u!

  17. Sheeladitya(Siddhartha Shakar)Mukherjee

    Dear Madam,
    I am apsychic patient.I am around 49-50 years of ge.Please let me know if I change my name to Siddhartha Shankar Mukherjeewill t b feasible at this time of my life.I have two kids to bring up.I will change my name oce I am in India,Kolkata from where I am actually.Please do guide me to be successfulin life.

  18. LJ

    I’ve always thought that our names have a power like in numerology, but being a student of astrology, this really clicked for me – that was fun! and very helpful. Thanks Quinn for another interesting article. LJ

  19. emmanuel lantei lamptey

    I will be most grateful to know more about myself on ACROPHONPLOGY. My date of birth is 3 February 1955.I have the same Email address on facebook.THANKS!

  20. Ito Biete

    I tried using the numbers equated with my full name, and yet for more than 15 years now I didn’t have a chance to win the jackpot prize in lotteries. Cnan you please provide me good guidance on how I can win the jackpot prizes in the lottery drawings? Thank you

  21. rachel diann garza martinez johnson sendejo

    garza is my moms moms name martinez is my grampa name johnson is my dads name sendejo is my married name(no divorced over 20 yrs)

  22. angela a

    Fun exercise/fit my name’s letters (first name only) to a T!! TWO MEN i USED TO KNOW (twins): same result. A bit scary. Written in the stars….I’ll do last names next.

  23. lady pleah paclaon

    what if i have a 2 real baptismal name is Lady Bird Gonzales Castro but when i started to attend my first grade my mother taught me to use Lady Pleah Gonzales Castro..she even brought a copy of my birth certificate using that name lady pleah.. from then on i used that even in my marriage certificate and all my identification cards..banks,voters id, question now is.. if you will read a forecast for me what will you choose? my baptismal name or my recent name Lady Pleah Gonzales Castro Paclaon my husband’s surname..hope you will answer my question.Thank you and More power!!

  24. krushna chandra padhi

    Thanks for the indepth study of name.
    will you please see what my name bears the character


  25. Chrissi

    is there any more information on this- as obviously all letters are not the same sign- should we look at the element or whether they are fixed, mutable or cardinal signs, as well as the meanings of the signs ?


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