Tarot Cards That Resonate With Capricorn

Three cards on a table. They are the Knight of Coins, the World, and a third, unidentified card.

Tarot and the Sign of Capricorn

Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn, is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It begins on December 22, around the Winter Solstice, and lasts through January 19.

The sun’s ingress into Capricorn marks a pivotal point in its yearly journey in which it begins to rotate back toward the earth, bringing warmth, light, and renewal during the sunnier seasons. Yet even in winter, the dormant passion and warmth of the sun smolder beneath Capricorn’s surface.

As part of the earth-sign triplicity, Capricorns exude practicality, perseverance, and self-discipline. Being the super-achievers of the zodiac, they are naturally steely and hardworking, especially when one of their goals is within reach. The Capricorn-born are very loyal, though they are often focused on rising to previously unattained heights. Fittingly, this sign is symbolized by the mountain goat, which climbs craggy cliffs with relentless endurance and, somehow, always ends up at the top!

This energy is also reflected in the art of Tarot. Each card in the deck has its own characteristics and traits, some of which connect to the sign of Capricorn and can provide insight into its nature.

The Tarot cards that resonate most with the sign of Capricorn include:

The World

Capricorns are driven. They don’t just want a promotion; they want to climb to the top and take charge — and they’ll probably do a great job once they get there. Global business, high-level elected positions, and distinguished posts in academics, science, and research all animate Capricorn’s great ambitions. This sign goes for the gold in everything they do. They want recognition, respect, authority, power, and, of course, love. In short, they want the world.

Notably, even if a Capricorn is struggling with difficult circumstances, they can still project a sense of distinction and even aristocracy. This is due to their inherent intelligence, refinement, and good taste.

These traits connect Capricorn to the fulfilling energy of the World card, which represents achievement and accomplishment, encouraging people to bring current cycles to a close and clear the way for new possibilities.

The Knight of Coins

The Suit of Coins is connected to the material world and, therefore, represents the energies present in the element of earth. Capricorns know that acquiring and mastering skills is the foundation for future success. Likewise, the Knight of Coins (also known as the Knight of Pentacles) tries to keep their feet firmly on the ground, even as they search for new opportunities.

This Capricorn Tarot card possesses the quality of humility, willing to acknowledge and respect authority even as the knight works to attain it for themselves. Their reliability, dedication, and work ethic are evidence of their trustworthy character, which could be a stepping stone that helps them rise to the top. Capricorns work with patience and diligence, producing consistent results that they often become known for.

The Devil

The Devil card is an important Tarot card for Capricorn because it represents the sign’s relationship with success and reputation. It shows an interest in authority and, like most Tarot cards, has both a positive and not-so-positive side. Capricorn’s hard work and sacrifice do have a point, and their ability to stay motivated even in the face of struggle is both widely admired and crucial to their success.

However, the Devil card sometimes indicates that a change is needed. For the dedicated Capricorn, this can mean taking a break. The Devil tries to remind hard-working Capricorn to catch their breath when necessary. Sometimes, Capricorns must manage their sense of drive and give themselves time to recuperate if they really want to succeed.

The Seven of Coins

The Seven of Coins (also known as the Seven of Pentacles) reveals Capricorn’s perseverance in the face of difficulties and delays. This card’s imagery traditionally depicts a person leaning on their tools and taking a rest, evaluating what they could do more effectively. While they recognize their current progress, they realize that patience and diligence are still necessary.

Though the figure on the Seven of Coins is taking a moment to catch their breath, they continue onward. The key to Capricorn’s success is that they rarely, if ever, give up on an important desire. This Capricorn Tarot card symbolizes that drive and dedication.

The Ace of Coins

As Capricorns proceed down their life paths, their resources grow. This can bring more opportunities their way and, in turn, more success. Driven Capricorn has mastered the positive feedback cycle. The prosperous Ace of Coins (also known as the Ace of Pentacles) represents a level of abundance and progress that resonates with Capricorn in its most positive and enlightened state. Likewise, this card promises more developments to come — and few are more ready to pounce on those opportunities than the goats of the zodiac.

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