DreamCast: Gain Control in Your Life

You Need to Take the Driver’s Seat

Dawn in Chesapeake, Virginia writes:

I am a school bus driver. In my dream, I am on my school bus with my students, but instead of driving, I’m standing just past the first rows of seats where the students sit. Suddenly, the bus slips out of neutral and into drive, and we start to roll down the road. I try to get to the steering wheel but can’t squeeze past the rows of seats. My students and I watch in horror as we see other buses try to get out of our way, just missing colliding with us, again and again. Finally, I get back into the driver’s seat and get control of the bus. For some reason, I head in the direction of my grandmother’s home, which is out of state, but at the same time I know I need to turn around to take the kids home. I’m confused because the roads through the neighborhood where the school is located in Virginia are the same roads I take to get to my grandmother’s house in Maryland (in waking life my grandmother is deceased). What is the dream referring to?

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Hello Dawn,

Are you feeling out of control in some area of your life? That’s what being out of the driver’s seat usually means. Because you’re a professional bus driver, and it was the bus that was out of control, this situation may pertain to your work. It’s interesting that the bus slipped out of neutral before barreling down the street. Being in neutral suggests that you neither embrace nor reject your current path; you’re on it by default. However, if you continue this way, events will force you to take the driver’s seat so you can grow. To avoid such chaos, you need to actively choose your direction.

Your grandmother is the key to your (new?) path. Did she have a character trait that you admired—something that you can access within yourself? Or, perhaps getting in touch with an aspiration you had as a child will lead you to where you need to go. Best of luck! If you feel like you are losing control of your life, talk to Psychic Phoebe ext. 5231 and get the tools you need to get it back!

Sweet dreams,


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