Tarot Cards That Resonate With Sagittarius

Several Tarot Cards laid out in a row. Two of the cards have their names cut off, but the center card is the Wheel of Fortune.

Tarot and the Sign of Sagittarius

As any bluntly honest Sagittarian will probably tell you, the archers of the zodiac will never stop reaching for their goals — nor do they get tired of traveling in mind, body, or spirit.

Sagittarius season begins on November 22 (sometimes November 23, depending on the year) and ends December 21. They are members of the fire triplicity and are associated with the ninth house of quests and learning. The late fall holidays are all known for their spirit of generosity and goodwill, and they’re all within Sagittarius’ domain for good reason. High spirits and celebration in the face of raw and stormy weather are two of this sign’s signatures. Their symbols of the archer and the centaur reflect their high levels of vitality, which allow them to inspire whatever and whomever they encounter.

Always traveling and searching for truth, Sagittarians continually tighten their bows and set new goals wherever they end up. They are the entertainers and socializers of the zodiac, bestowing knowledge and fun on the people around them.

Sagittarians crave physical movement, as well as the movement of theories and ideas. They are enthralled with different possibilities and potentials. Essentially, they hate to sit because they love to explore, and if they must be still, they’ll dive into mental and spiritual work instead.

The cards of the Major and Minor Arcana often reflect the unique energy of Sagittarius, providing more insight into this sign and its metaphysical correspondences.

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Six of Staffs

The Suit of Staffs captures the essence of fire-sign energy. In particular, the Six of Staffs taps into Sagittarius’ natural boldness and idealism. If upright in a reading, this card promises a just reward for your efforts. Reversed, it can mean that someone else is taking credit for your work. However, an attitude of victory and success permeates the Six of Staffs. Likewise, Sagittarius is ruled by prosperous Jupiter, allowing it to easily match this card’s bounteous and expansive nature.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Sagittarians of the zodiac often have the confidence to take risks and win. This Major Arcana card symbolizes the wheel of karma: what around comes around, what goes up must come down — but what’s fallen will eventually rise again. The evolutionary cycles of nature and fate are unavoidable. Movement and change come inevitably. If upright, the Wheel of Fortune suggests that something positive is coming. However, it also serves as a reminder that change on its own is not inherently good or bad. It simply is. Ultimately, the soul’s trajectory is toward higher ground, and Sagittarius knows this.

Five of Staffs

This card depicts the drama and competition of sports. The image on the Five of Staffs usually shows a group of young people in heated competition. Though they battle away madly, they’re smiling and engaged, as if playing a game. They are enjoying the good-natured fray because friendly rivalry inspires excellence. Fittingly, the Sagittarius-born are inclined to become leaders. They know that truth and meaning can’t always be found without struggle, and whether that battle is physical or philosophical, a Sagittarius will be involved.

Six of Coins

Generosity is the domain of Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter. On the Six of Coins, a wealthy entrepreneur opens his hand to a charitable cause. His philanthropy brings him joy. His beneficiaries gratefully accept his help. His open-handedness causes his own prosperity to expand even further, a trait that is reflected by Sagittarius’ boundless nature.

King and Queen of Staffs

Though their need for freedom and adventure makes them slow to commit, Sagittarians show the same loyalty and humanity as the Tarot’s King and Queen of Staffs. They care for others in a noble way, and they make generous and fair leaders. They are good friends, inspiring others to reach their goals. Naturally heroic, they are willing to make sacrifices for those they care about without complaint. They err toward generosity, being endlessly hospitable and charitable with the same warmth as the King and Queen of Staffs.

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