Tarot Cards That Resonate With Scorpio

Three cards over an orange-to-white gradient background. The center card is the Tower, while the other two are cut off.

Tarot and the Sign of Scorpio

Ask any astrologer to tell you about Scorpio, and you may just get one of the following answers: “They’re brooding,” “volcanic,” “secretive,” “strange,” and “intense.” Keep in mind, though, that there is a great deal more to Scorpio than meets the eye.

In fact, if you’ve ever been led back to health by a Scorpio doctor or nurse whose willpower helped you believe that you would recover, or if you’ve witnessed Scorpio’s incredible refusal to give up, you may have other words to describe this sign.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and it is associated with the eighth house of death and secret financial dealings. As such, it rules legacies, insurance, inheritance, and, more generally, other people’s money. However, Scorpio is about much more than that. In fact, their loyalty is almost unrivaled among the rest of the zodiac.

Scorpio season begins on October 23 and ends November 21. It is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto and encompasses the time of year in which the veil between worlds is thinnest.

As with all things, the sign of Scorpio contains correspondences with the Tarot. These cards, which have spiritual energy of their own, connect closely to the different signs of the zodiac. The cards that resonate most with the sign of Scorpio include:


The Death card relates to situations so drastic that there’s nothing you can do to stop them. It usually does not mean physical death, but it often indicates the death of something which no longer serves your highest destiny. This could relate to a relationship, job, location, or any other activity that requires a total breakdown and subsequent reconstruction. The Death card contains the seeds of a new beginning. Transformation at the deepest level will always result in greater good — and Scorpios are masters of transformation, growth, and progress.

The Tower

The Tower signifies shocking events followed by destruction. The card’s image shows lightning hitting a building and people falling to meet catastrophe. However, this necessary collapse clears the way for something new to happen.

When the Tower makes an appearance, know that the Universe won’t let you forget about a change that must be made. Once the metaphorical tower breaks down, there is room to build something stronger and more sustainable in its place. Likewise, Scorpio’s natural regenerative energy allows the people born under it to come back rejuvenated every time they get knocked down. It’s a trait that folks of any zodiac sign can learn from.

Five of Vessels

Though often mistaken for a fire sign, Scorpio is actually associated with the element of water. As such, they can be moody and emotional. The depths of a Scorpio’s depression can be overwhelming and long-lasting. It’s important for the Scorpio-born to remember that sadness, separation, and grief do not last forever. The Five of Vessels (also known as the Five of Cups) is a reminder that positivity can be found amidst wreckage if you look for it.

The person depicted on the card does not notice that two of their “cups of happiness” are still standing out of view. Even though three of them have overturned and spilled, the card asks people to acknowledge the good that remains.

Seven of Coins

Scorpios are patient and consistent. Despite their emotional turbulence, they persevere sometimes beyond all reason. The Seven of Coins (also known as the Seven of Pentacles) portrays a dogged laborer, who faithfully shows up to perform an endless task for the sake of a long-term vision. Though fatigued, worn-down, bored, and possibly overlooked, they keep going.

They know the value of resting, of changing strategies, and of staying open to new and better paths. Scorpios demonstrate this unconquerable energy often. Only a cataclysm will loosen their grip on their goals.

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