Tarot Cards That Resonate With Cancer

Three cards, though the first and third cards have their names cut off. The center card is the King of Vessels.

Tarot and the Sign of Cancer

Cancer Suns are born from June 22 through July 22. As water signs, these people like to nurture others and help things grow. People, plants, animals, and financial investments all tend to flourish around Cancerians. They love to feel emotionally, financially, and socially secure. Thus, the sign of Cancer is related to families, companies, and “tribes” of all kinds.

As one of the cardinal signs, Cancers also tend to be the leaders of any activity they take part in. For all their emotional sensitivity, they are gritty and determined high achievers! They fear isolation and destitution, but most of all, they fear emotional rejection. When they feel hurt or one of their pet projects is threatened, they retreat into their hard emotional shell, just like their astrological animal, the crab.

Cancers are tenacious and fight hard for what they value. Thanks to this trait, they are usually successful at keeping jobs, money, friends, spouses, and other treasured objects. They are frequently the ones in their families or work groups who cherish and protect traditions, whether they’re ancestral, corporate, or cultural. They are not motivated by money alone but also by the emotional value derived from observing such customs.

Thanks to this depth of emotion, there are many Tarot cards that connect closely to the energy of the crab. Additionally, as a water sign, Cancer is especially tied to the Suit of Cups, which depicts emotional realities and has aquatic associations. However, several cards from the Suit of Pentacles can also give insight into the Cancerian nature.

Below is a brief list of cards that resonate with the sign of Cancer:

The Moon

The moon rules the sign of Cancer. Its constant inconstancy reflects the waxing and waning emotional states of the Cancer-born. All people seem to grow more emotional and relational as the moon gains light each month, but Cancers reveal this characteristic most of all. Their emotions grow and recede with the cycles of the fast-moving moon.

The Six of Cups

This card portrays the energy of the emotional state that people refer to as “childhood.” It is a time of innocence, friendliness, nurturance, and nostalgia. This energy can be experienced by those of any age group, but the card itself pictures two children at work in a garden, helping flowers grow. It depicts perfect harmony and creativity in the ways that are typical of children at play.

Cancers are known for looking back fondly on their childhoods even if they weren’t that great. They hang onto mementos like grade-school report cards, little league souvenirs, and old clothing. The Six of Cups symbolizes a condition, even in adulthood, where harmony, safety, and playfulness seem to reign.

The King of Cups

This Tarot king is pictured seated on a throne, surrounded by oceanic colors. His mild-mannered smile suggests a profession such as counselor, lawyer, or spiritual leader. If seated upright, he is a loyal family person offering provision and care. If reversed, the King of Cups can indicate disloyalty, or it can suggest that someone has succumbed to emotional whims and fickleness, the negative side of Cancer.

The Ten of Pentacles

As mentioned above, Cancers love to feel secure. For all their cardinality, they seek longevity, constancy, and group or familial unity. The Ten of Pentacles depicts several generations from infancy to old age, together within the protective boundaries of their home.

To Cancerians, old things are the best, and new things must prove their worth. This can include old furniture, pictures, memories, friends, and methods of work, among many other things. Established ways of living are a source of security and comfort to the Cancer-born.

The Five of Pentacles

This card portrays Cancer’s deep need for material and emotional security, especially in situations where those things are absent. The image on the Five of Pentacles often depicts two beggars as they despondently walk the streets in winter, not noticing that a light of welcome is burning for them in a nearby window. Fear makes them oblivious to the help that is available.

Likewise, while many moody Cancers can find themselves haunted by dreams of lack, things such as sunshine, laughter, good company, and delicious food are the antidotes to Cancer’s gloomier moods. They often benefit from surrounding themselves with warm environments and bright colors to balance out the overwhelming depths of their emotion.

When they achieve that balance, Cancers can turn into the caring, inspiring, nurturing, and creative leaders that their astrological placements have poised them to become.

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