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Dating a Virgo Woman

Dating a Virgo Woman | California Psychics

Virgo Woman Traits

It might surprise you to know that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, because the Virgo woman is nowhere near as verbose and outgoing as her fellow sign, Gemini, also ruled by Mercury. The Virgo woman is a bit shy, but when it comes to pursuing the things she wants, she’s completely unstoppable, and she has the skills to back her up. The Virgo woman is very detail-oriented and organized, so when she sets her mind to something, nothing will take her by surprise, because she’s planned for everything already. The Virgo woman has her feet planted firmly in the real world and won’t be easily swept away by idle fancies, and while that might make her sound like a boring lover, she is one of the sweetest, loving, most caring souls of all the zodiac.

How to Attract a Virgo Woman

If you want to win the heart of a Virgo woman you have to go about it carefully. Not only do you have to work around her somewhat introvert nature, but Virgos also tend to be both self-critical and horribly practical, and love isn’t either of those things. Be prepared to be patient with her, and if you don’t have patience, get some, because a battering ram is not going to win you any favors with the Virgo woman. She needs to assess every part of you before she considers giving her heart away, especially your emotions. This might feel a little one-sided at first, her expecting you to open up while she remains stoic and less than forthcoming, but she’s not doing it in order to poke fun at you. The Virgo woman is very protective of her heart, and the more open you’re willing to be with her, the more she can learn and trust that she’ll be safe and loved with you.

How to Communicate with a Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is a very precise person who does not waste words. If she’s presenting a project or problem, she will have thoroughly researched every avenue, know all of the questions that can or will be asked, and have several solutions ready for you. If there’s a personal matter that she needs to discuss, even if it’s a very emotional one, she will put it to you as succinctly as she can, not because she doesn’t want emotions to be a factor, but because she wants to be clearly understood. All that being said, the best way to communicate with a Virgo woman is with words, preferably in complete, thoughtful responses that prove you’ve taken time to listen to what she had to say. The more respect you offer her, the easier it will be to get everyone’s messages across.

How to Date a Virgo Woman

The best way to date a Virgo woman is to learn her love language and run with it. By nature, she’s not a typically romantic person, but she is an extremely loving one. She expresses her love and affection by doing things for those she loves and by getting involved with causes that speak to her passions and humanitarian nature. So yes, a candle-lit dinner is a lovely idea, and she certainly will enjoy it, but she will light up at the idea of helping at an animal shelter for an afternoon. Find places in your area that are entirely non-profit based and spend the day enjoying each other’s company or help her help a friend move into a new apartment. You don’t have to throw the regular dating rulebook out of the window, but it will mean so much more when you put effort into speaking to her passions.

Virgo Woman Turn Ons

The Virgo woman is ambitious, and she works hard to get what she wants, so it’s nice when someone takes the time to recognize all of her effort. She’s certainly no slouch when it comes to her job after all, so she deserves some praise now and then. It’s no surprise then, that she finds people who are just as hard working as she is extremely sexy. Like all Earth signs, security is vastly important to Virgos, and she will be drawn to someone who isn’t afraid of working alongside her to ensure that they have everything they need for the best future possible.

Virgo Woman Turn Offs

Organization is practically in the Virgo woman’s blood, so those who don’t bother to organize, or even worse, mess with her organization through carelessness, will have the Virgo woman slowly backing away. She’s too careful with herself and her world to trust it to someone who, outwardly at least, doesn’t seem to care where anything falls. She also cannot stand people who can’t show up on time or are constantly breaking engagements. It’s rather disrespectful in her eyes to not make an effort when someone else is involved, and if you can’t be respectful of friends or work-related issues, how can you ever be respectful in matters of the heart?

Virgo Woman Compatibility

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