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Virgo Traits: Practical and Generous

Virgo Traits: Practical and Generous | California Psychics

Understanding Virgo Individuals

Practical, generous, and curious, Virgo finds its home in the sixth house of the western zodiac. Virgos begin their cycle on August 23 and bring us right into autumn, ending their time on September 22. This transitional time fits perfectly with its glyph and visual depiction of a maiden carrying the bounty of the harvest. It joins Capricorn and Taurus in the Earth element, which gives Virgo its humble and focused nature. Ruled by Mercury, those born under this sign are able to make decisions based on logic rather than emotional impulsivity.

The Changing Earth

Virgo is a feminine, mutable, Earth sign. Negative or feminine signs (Water and Earth) tend to be more receptive, reflective, and introverted. Mutable signs herald endings, yet from all endings come new beginnings. As mentioned above, Virgos take us from the end of summertime’s carefree fun into a time of hard work to bring in the harvest before winter arrives. The lightness that comes with being a mutable sign helps lessen the restraints that seem to affect other Earth signs and gives Virgos the ability to adapt to their environment, even if they do prefer routine and ritual.

The Practical, Service Focused Sign

Mercury rules the sixth house, jobs, and how you work (but not careers,) service, pets, and daily routines. Most Virgos find themselves pulled towards opportunities that allow them to serve and guide others. Teamwork and cooperation with others is another important aspect of both the sixth house and Virgos. It is a house of inner harmony and the linkage of body, mind, and emotions for all-encompassing health.

An Abundance of Positive Characteristics

Virgos are unequaled in their ability to communicate eloquently. This comes so naturally to them as they can see both the fine details and the bigger picture, at least where others are concerned. They are responsible, modest, honest, always there for others, and always give people the benefit of the doubt. Lucky is the person who has a Virgo in their corner when the chips are down! They tend to do better in small gatherings or in one on one settings, as larger crowds can be a bit overwhelming.

Prone to Disappointment

Even with that balance, Virgos have their share of challenges. They can be prone to an obsession with detail that can alienate co-workers and colleagues, and can turn them into worrywarts. They can also come across as aloof, pessimistic, narrow minded, and interfering if they aren’t careful. Because they so strongly believe in the innate goodness of people, they often find themselves disappointed. This, and a tendency to be hard on themselves, especially if they believe that they didn’t put enough effort into helping those that fell short, can lead to them withdrawing from their social circles.

The Virgo Child

The little Virgoan is king or queen of common sense. With a keen eye for detail, don’t be surprised if you walk in on them re-organizing their toys, clothes, or shoes in a more logical (to them at least) than what you did. Expect to have a little helper as they grow up, as they always want to be of assistance and service to those they love. This is also the child who will save his or her allowance and wisely spend it on something practical. Highly curious by nature, these children love to learn for the sake of learning, and this is a trait that carries on well into adulthood.

Your Virgo child will thrive in an environment that gives them structure and routine. Expect them to lose their cool when that routine is changed.

One of the biggest tasks that you will have in parenting this child of abundance, will be teaching them that perfection is not always attainable and that sometimes, good truly is good enough. Teaching them relaxation techniques will be important in helping them when they feel overwhelmed.

The Virgo Man

Highly intelligent, the mind of the male Virgo is full of lots of interesting information that they love to share. If he doesn’t have enough projects and activities going on, he will turn that ever-working mind inward and that can lead to over-analyzing flaws and faults in himself.

He will always have a Plan B waiting in the wings, should it be needed; but making the mental switch won’t come easy for him. That’s not to say that the male Virgo needs a lot of hand holding, because they don’t…instead they would rather be the one holding someone else’s hand when they are going through upheaval; but it can take some verbal assurance to let them know that sometimes the right plan is the one that we didn’t lead with.

The Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is highly intuitive and can tell when an environment, person, or situation is off almost immediately. One catch-22 of having a Virgo female in your life is that with her discerning eye, she will home in on what is lacking in a person and take it upon herself to fix them. If you don’t mind having a ‘fixer’ in your life, the Virgo woman will be more than happy to be there.

Their practical nature ensures that all the little details that always get forgotten will be remembered. Did the batteries just die on your camera, while on a hike? Don’t worry, she has extra in her backpack. On a picnic or camping trip and realize that you forgot the can opener? She has already thought ahead and has that and a first aid kit in the car; just in case.

Famous Virgos

The sheer number of Virgos in the entertainment industry is unbelievable! From the legendary Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, and Bill Murray, to Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Tim Burton. The dedication that it takes to hone your craft is well understood, and the likes of Kobe Bryant, Freddie Mercury, and Stephen King definitely embody that dedication.

The philanthropic and empathic nature of the Virgo is also perfectly demonstrated in the likes of Keanu Reeves, Warren Buffett, and Mother Theresa.

Virgo Traits infographic | California Psychics

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6 thoughts on “Virgo Traits: Practical and Generous

  1. Cecilia Reyes

    I have no luck. I’m a Virgo I think of everybody’s feelings. Wish everyone well.
    I’m married not happily married he so distant. Not close to me anymore. It’s been 12 years distant.

  2. Howard

    Wow this was pretty spot-on coming as a Virgo male at 42 years old life is a struggle care too much love strong deep passionate quick no matter what cuz I always see the good in everybody but but I’m still left alone at the end of the day with no one’s hand to hold why can’t I find love why is it so difficult for the Virgos


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