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Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Virgo and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Virgo and Leo

When Leo and Virgo find each other, it’s usually their differences that spark the initial attraction. If this match is going to stand the test of time, it’s going to take time, attention and a bit of work. However, it can all be worth it. Virgo is mesmerized by Leo’s colorful personality. Leo finds Virgo’s well-groomed elegance attractive. Each has something the other doesn’t, and so they have a fantastic ability to balance each other out as a couple.

Leo can be a bit brash and tends to side-step manners. Since Virgo values politeness, they won’t appreciate Leo’s cocky behavior. Leo doesn’t mean to offend Virgo’s sensibilities.  Virgo is a mutable sign, making them far more flexible than their fixed Leo counterpart, so chances are they’ll be the first to give in. Working on living that happy existence Virgo loves so well is all that matters. On the physical side, Virgo has found a warm and loving partner in Leo. However, Leo also likes lots of attention, so it’s a good thing Virgos are detail-oriented givers.

Love by Element: Earth and Fire

Virgo and Leo form a match of Earth and Fire. Leo’s ruling planet, the Sun, warms the Earth to its core, while warmed earth provides a solid base upon which the wind can float and roam free. Though Virgo and Leo can have their challenges, each has a level of love and admiration for what their partner provides. Truthfully, these two are opposites in many ways. Fiery Leo likes living the good life, and they enjoy burning through money. Down-to-earth Virgo likes to be more practical and live within their means. Virgo is the sign of service and helps others without expectations, while Leo loves the thanks and praise. The best way for them to coexist is to keep the lines of communication open, for too many unspoken words and bottled up emotions can cause a volcanic eruption of epic proportion.

The Good Side of Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo aren’t likely to be an obvious match when it comes to Sun signs. However, their connection not only defies astrological logic, but it may even surprise Virgo and Leo themselves. It’s easy to see why Leo is attracted to Virgo and vice-versa. Virgo has style and they exude a quiet elegance that makes Leo proud to be seen with them. Leo adds a bit of spark to Virgo’s work-hard world, and Virgo’s selfless side enhances Leo’s sense of generosity. Another difference that fascinates them both is that Leo is the optimist and Virgo, the pessimist. Oddly their differences balance them as a couple. If they start a family together, these differences will also enhance their parenting skills.

The Bad Side of Virgo and Leo

Leo has a way of voicing their wants and needs aloud, and Virgo has a way of picking up on that and creating what Leo mentioned. That can be quite sweet, but if it morphs into Leo barking orders and Virgo feeling obliged to follow through, resentment may build between these two hotheads. Money is another touchy subject for this couple as Leo likes to spend, and Virgo likes to build a nest egg for the future. These two will have to learn how to respect their partner’s style, compromise and draw some soft boundaries.

Keys to a Successful Union

Virgo and Leo, astrologically speaking, have nothing in common unless their individual charts say otherwise. Their signs are neighbors, and this can indicate some friction. Friction can be infuriating, and it can also ignite a sexual spark that neither can deny, even if they wind up breaking up. It’s not likely, but if they did split, it’s probably due to a power struggle between these two strong people.

Here’s the key to success: Understand each other’s personal strengths, and be willing to take turns at the wheel. Embrace the differences as well as the similarities. Be prepared to compromise. Compliment each other often. This relationship can fill their hearts and elevate their souls.

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  1. Diane

    This is so true about Virgo & Leo we are Devoices today and neither one has gotten married again either. He is in a relationship and I Dated but nothing long . We were together for 40 years and Broke up over Drugs.


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