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Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Virgo and Gemini

When Virgo and Gemini get together, there’s always something to talk about. Both of these signs share a ruling planet, Mercury, the planet of communication, and they’ll spend hours chatting while holding hands and checking each other out. While others may not peg them to be a likely couple, they are inevitably drawn together by their similarities. They are the archeologists of astrology, never happier when they’re uncovering information and discovering new things, especially about each other.

On the romantic front, Gemini finds Virgo’s attention to detail, in and out of the bedroom, a total turn-on. Virgo can’t get enough of Gemini’s spontaneous approach to lovemaking. Since these two are both the analytical types who can also be a bit neurotic, it’s imperative they check-in with each other on an emotional level from time to time. In the rare moments when Virgo and Gemini might disagree, it’s Virgo who may hold onto it a bit longer and take things more deeply, but neither likes to hold a grudge for long.

Love by Element: Earth and Air

Earth and Air people can be drawn together like magnets. In life, earth and air thrive on one another as well. Without air, supporting the plants and people who depend on it for life on Earth wouldn’t be impossible. Without gravity keeping it all together, there would be no air. That probably makes it easier to understand why Virgo and Gemini can get along so well.

Air signs can be spontaneous and excitable so, Virgo’s grounded influence keeps Gemini from fluttering off too far into the unknown for adventure. Earth people like Virgo can always use a little push to get them moving in the right direction, and that’s social Gemini’s role in this relationship. Instead of painting the town red, entertaining at home would be a compromise.

The Good Side of Virgo and Gemini

Virgo and Gemini make an exciting combination that somehow seems to work, but it won’t always be easy. Although these two are from different elements, they share a ruling planet: Mercury. That means that these two are savvy, intellectual thinkers and discoverers who soak up information and long to share it with each other, as well as whoever may be listening. Communication is their keyword, so if any problems arise, it’s good to know that they both want to talk it out and clear it up fast as neither is prone to carrying a grudge for very long.

The Bad Side of Virgo and Gemini

Both Virgo and Gemini have a different approach to life in general. Gemini is quick to act while Virgo needs to think things through. One is impulsive, the other practical—unfortunately, and both are just a tad neurotic. Virgo worries that Gemini will act out before everything is carefully considered, Gemini agonizes that Virgo will take too long coming to a decision. They’ll both imagine everything that could possibly go wrong (or right), and it will set off a bout of anxiety in both that will last until a final decision is made. They’ll have to work this out if they want their romance last, either amongst themselves or with the help of a counselor.

Keys to a Successful Union

When Virgo and Gemini get together, it’s bound to be challenging and perhaps a bit competitive. Being three signs apart they form an uneasy yet exciting connection. Both are pretty high strung and tend to be worriers, but luckily they also share incredible chemistry. In fact, tension can often lead to getting excited and even turned on.

Here’s the key to success: Each has their area of “expertise,” so taking turns at taking the lead is not only wise, it’s a great couple’s exercise for them. By sharing the seat of power these two could be a power couple. They also have to work at keeping the love fires burning.

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