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Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo and Aries Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Virgo and Aries

For both Aries and Virgo, this love match may be a blessing or a curse, or a bit of both. To make this union work takes a bit of patience, adjustment, and good timing.  It’s possible that this love affair has a karmic connection, and certainly it’s one that requires a bit of juggling on all fronts.  For instance, Virgo likes to count the coins and save for the future.  Aries never met a dollar that didn’t beg to be spent. While in so many ways this relationship defies the laws of attraction as well as astrology, when it works, it works. In fact, Virgo and Aries can share an almost unspoken bond that is intense at times.

Adventure-seeking Aries is mesmerized by Virgo’s naturally grounded approach to life. Virgo can see the vast differences between the two, yet they are drawn to Aries like a moth to a flame. This couple symbolizes the definition of “opposites attract.”  However, one place they do match is in their ambition. Both Aries and Virgo are hard workers and enjoy being successful, so they are very supportive of each other’s endeavors.

Love by Element: Earth and Fire

Virgo and Aries are an unusual, but not unlikely, love match. While there are things these two have in common, they also have what the other lacks and likely needs in their life. Both signs are hard-working and likely to live in some semblance of organization. However, it’s in the bedroom where these two make the most sense. The sign of Aries falls into Virgo’s eighth house, representing, for one, sexual attraction. Fiery Aries really knows how to make Virgo come alive sexually. Virgo falls in Aries’s sixth house of fitness, body consciousness, and perfectionism. So, Virgo can really make the earth move for Aries as well. Of course, this isn’t the only way that Earth and Fire make sense, but it’s a heck of a start.

The Good Side of Virgo and Aries

Virgo and Aries may not appear to be the best romantic match, but in truth, each possesses gifts the other lacks, and sometimes that’s all a couple needs. These two do have some things in common, such as their ambition and work ethic. Both need to feel successful in life and to make good money doing it. Also, these two lively souls like spending time together, whether it’s working towards a common goal or enjoying an evening of dinner and dancing. This is one relationship that stands a better chance of working if they meet later in life, and they’ve both gone through the pressures of young love.

The Bad Side of Virgo and Aries

Dating and romance may be great for these two, however, when life starts to get more serious, it could reveal some fundamental differences. Virgo is a saver, and Aries is a spender, and neither likes to be told what to do. Also, both Virgo and Aries might give you the shirt off their backs, but Virgo is a bit more altruistic—they won’t wait around to hear “thanks.”  Aries, on the other hand, loves praise and appreciation. If Virgo wants to stay with Aries in the long-term, that is one lesson they’ll need to remember. The same goes for the love-making department. While both are busy bees, Aries will desire a lot of Virgo’s time and attention—Virgo would be a bit more understanding if circumstances were reversed.

Keys to a Successful Union

Virgo and Aries have more differences than night and day. Born five signs apart on the zodiac wheel, this will undoubtedly be a relationship that calls for a bit of adjustment on both parts. The first key to making this a successful relationship is to give up any expectation of changing the other. Each is bringing something to the link the other lacks.

Here’s the key to success: Face it, this is an odd couple—they know it, and others will confirm it, but more importantly they should own it. That’s why it’s essential to find things to do together, so they can experience the healing properties of this cosmic and perhaps karmic connection.


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