Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer

When Virgo meets Cancer, it’s an instant blend of two sentimental souls who seek security in a relationship. This is a highly compatible match based on friendship first. Even if sparks don’t fly initially when they meet, they recognize something within each other that makes this connection work. Both will always put a lot of effort into communicating well and supporting their other half in all they do.

It would seem like these two have taken the complicated world of relationships and turned it into a work of art. However, no couple is perfect. Both Virgo and Cancer tend to be worriers, simply because they both care so much about pretty much everything. When the more-emotional Cancer let’s life get to them, Virgo has a way of calming their nerves. However, it’s also good for the relationship if these two remember to give each other space, especially in times of trouble. As for romance and beyond, both Virgo and Cancer are not fans of casual encounters. Together, these two enjoy a connection that is both spiritually and physically fulfilling.

Love by Element: Earth and Water        

Earth and water create a vibrant and nurturing environment for life on this planet, and therefore, Virgo and Cancer can make quite a harmonious and compatible match. However, maintaining their own jobs, friends, and hobbies will work best for this couple. Too much earth and water can muddy up this otherwise great connection. These two not only get along well, but their relationship is sure to deepen over time, as they grow more and more in love. Even when there’s an argument, they seem to intuitively understand their boundaries and neither will let it go on for long. Cancer is magnetically drawn to Virgo, like the waves of the ocean are drawn to the shore. As for Virgo, they’ll be mesmerized by Cancer’s ability to turn physical touch into a spiritual experience.

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