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Dating a Leo Woman

Zodiac Compatibility: Dating a Leo Woman | California Psychics

Leo Woman Traits

The Leo woman, just like the sun she lives under, is brilliant, bold, and warm. Any room she walks into is immediately brightened thanks to her vivacious personality, and any conversation will immediately become more interesting when she’s included in it. Like the celestial body that rules her, the Leo woman is a powerful presence wherever she goes. Not only is she aware of this, but she revels in it, because it gives her the freedom to pursue her desires in her own way rather than following someone else’s rules. She prefers to show her social butterfly side to the world, but she knows her own strength, and she’s not afraid to use it when she has to.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

The Leo woman rarely wants for admirers, most of whom she has no reason to take seriously. So, if you want to truly catch her interest, show her that you’ve actually been paying attention to her. She’s a woman of deep passions, especially for the arts, and she loves to share that with others. Why not prove to her that you’ve been listening by taking her to see that concert she was so excited was coming to town, or offering to accompany her to the new art exhibition that has just opened at the museum? And don’t be afraid to use some tried and true romantic gestures either. The Leo woman is a romantic at heart, and she appreciates a partner who’s not afraid to go a little mushy when the occasion calls for it.

Turn Ons of a Leo Woman

The Leo woman has a lot of confidence in herself and her abilities. And while she’s happy to chase her ambitions and break glass ceilings on her own, nothing is sexier to her than someone who readily supports her. She’s a generous soul who spends a lot of time being a cheerleader for those she loves, and it’s nice to know she’s got one of her own too. At the end of the day, what the Leo woman wants is a partner who will stand beside her and help her take on the world, not someone who will try to take charge. Remember, she is a lioness, someone who can work alone or with another, but never behind them. If you can respect that, and her obvious, numerous abilities, you will win the love and loyalty of a might huntress.

Turn Offs of a Leo Woman

The Leo woman will always crave the spotlight, it’s just her nature, and she will not entertain any jealousy or drama that a partner tries to kick up in relation to it. If she senses that you mistake her love for being social with flirting, then she’ll drop you, because a Leo woman is not going to waste her emotional energy on someone who only brings negativity into her life. The only time she will tolerate any drama is when she starts it, generally when she senses some sort of injustice is taking place. The Leo woman has a heart as big as the palace she should be living in, and if she sees or hears anyone being treated unkindly or unfairly, she will kick up a fuss. If that makes you uncomfortable, steer clear, because she’ll laugh in your face the first time you try to stop her from getting involved, and then leave you in her dust, never to be heard from again.

Leo Woman Compatibility

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