The Best Self-Care Routine for Virgo

The Best Self-Care Routine for Virgo | California Psychics

What is Virgo Self-Care?

Happy Virgo season! As the fastidious Virgin takes center stage, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Virgo during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Virgo, you can use this guide to help your Virgo friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Virgo season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Libra season.

Virgo is probably the most practical and grounded of all the zodiac signs. Ambitious, diligent, and hardworking, Virgo isn’t afraid to chase after whatever they want. Their constant focus on goals, however, often leads them to neglect their self-care. So, what is Virgo self-care? It’s grounding themselves in nature through gardening and hiking. It’s yoga and calming meditation sessions. Virgo self-care is reorganizing their life till everything is perfect, reading up on their latest interests, and doing escape rooms with their friends.

What Stresses a Virgo Out?

Brilliant and quick-witted, Virgo’s greatest strength lies in being able to concentrate no matter the distractions and being able to mastermind things that often overwhelm other people. This is due in large part to the fact that they’re absolute perfectionists who find joy in the small details. This trait, while useful, can easily send them into an over-analysis tailspin, however. They can easily start to worry about things that no one else is at all concerned about, which will only serve to ratchet up their stress levels. Like their fellow Earth signs, Virgo is a workaholic and they like to be the ones making the plans. Being a mutable sign, Virgo is able to adapt to sudden changes fairly easily, but their self-esteem might take a hit if things don’t go the way they so painstakingly planned out. This, in turn, can lead to negative self-talk, a continued downward spiral of their self-confidence, and an upward spike in their stress levels. Hence why this self-care routine is such a necessary step for Virgo’s daily life. 

Self-Care for the Mind of a Virgo

  • Morning Routine- Virgo finds their peace of mind with each completed task, which means they start working early each day. Their ideal morning routine includes time for household chores and time set aside to work on personal projects before heading to the office (at home or otherwise). Most importantly though, they need to carve plenty of time into their mornings for a long, luxurious shower. It’s one of Virgo’s favorite ways to start any day.
  • Gardening- Virgo is an Earth sign, which means that they need a connection to nature and growing things. They love being able to decide where everything will be planted, and the act of caring for their plant babies is extremely soothing for the overactive mind that never seems to stop moving.
  • Podcasts/Books/Research- Virgo is a problem-solver, a trait they share with their cousin, Gemini, who is also ruled by Mercury. When it comes to self-care of the mind, expanding the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help them solve any issue that may arise in their career or personal life takes precedence. They’ll use whatever resources at their disposal—books, podcasts, documentaries, etc.—to help them find what information they need for the current issue they’re worrying over.

Self-Care for the Body of a Virgo

  • Tennis- Virgo is one of the more active and competitive zodiac signs, but they also enjoy cultivating an air of sophistication. Fortunately, tennis fits that bill perfectly. It’s a very active game, Virgo gets to feel posh while doing it, and they can even bring their friends along to play or just hang out and watch. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Yoga- Another excellent exercise routine for Virgo is yoga because it helps to stretch out all of those muscles that tense up with every new detail they remember to stress over. Yoga is famous for creating a Zen-like atmosphere through its movements, allowing Virgo to work out not only their body but also to calm their mind, which they can always use more of.
  • Sleep- Like their fiery cousin, Aries, Virgo doesn’t like to sleep, because they consider it a waste of time. Virgo is ambitious, and the time they spend sleeping is time they could be using to move important projects forward. Sadly, for Virgo, sleep is necessary, which at least they know. Virgo can get by on six hours of sleep, though they’d be far more efficient if they could bring themselves to get a little more. Of course, all sleep-related matters should always be discussed with a medical professional first and foremost.

Self-Care for the Heart of a Virgo

  • Romantic Partners- Virgo finds romantic relationships difficult because one of their biggest fears is becoming dependent upon someone. That being said, once they’re in a relationship, they may take it upon themselves to do everything for both of them. It’s also Virgo’s way of showing affection because they’re not good at traditional romantic gestures, so they need a partner who’s good at reading between the lines and who can encourage open communication. And Virgo needs to remember that a romantic relationship is a partnership, that both members of it are meant to be equals. If they don’t feel that way, then a conversation needs to be had, but they shouldn’t enter the relationship assuming that it’s going to end up that way.
  • Friends- Virgo loves to be of help to their friends, and they make excellent advisors when their friends are in trouble. The issues can come when Virgo decides to take on the role of problem-solver all the time rather than just being a friend. Sometimes all they want is their friend to be there for them. In turn, Virgo needs to learn that it’s okay for them to depend on their friends to hold them up when their self-esteem is low. Virgo is sometimes slow to trust, so the friends they have are true and will be there when Virgo needs them.
  • Family- Virgo is dedicated to family and has a lot of respect for their elders. They also tend to be extremely proud of their heritage and are usually the keeper of the family traditions. Just like all the other responsibilities in their life, Virgo takes their responsibility to their family seriously which often translates to them taking the lead on all family functions. What Virgo needs to remember is that families function best when they delegate.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Virgo

  • Meditation- While breathing meditations are simple, sometimes that’s all that Virgo needs. It will help develop mindfulness in their everyday life, which is something that the fastidious Virgin could use more of to help lower their stress levels.
  • Journaling- Virgo has a lot of things going on in their head at any given time. Fortunately, their ruler, Mercury, has dominion over writing, making journaling an effective way for Virgo to calm all their thoughts, pinpoint the details they love to focus on, and map out their plans.

What Relaxes a Virgo?

  • Hiking- Nature is excellent for helping all the Earth signs find balance. The added physical exertion, and the changing landscape while on a hike settles something inside Virgo’s soul. They’ll be happy to hike in any terrain as long as they can get outside as often as possible.
  • Organization- This is probably the most stereotypical Virgo thing on this list, but it’s true all the same. Virgo’s favorite thing to work on is the small details, and they are the most relaxed when they know that everything in their life has a place. If that means that they occasionally need to tear their closet, kitchen, bookshelves, or garage apart and reorganize them, then so be it.

Activities Where a Virgo Can Let Go

  • Escape Rooms- Virgo loves puzzles, the more complex the better. And while they’re social, they’re not overly fond of crowds. This makes escape rooms ideal for their brilliant, detail-oriented mind. What could be better than to be locked into a room with a few close friends solving complicated puzzles? In Virgo’s world, not much.
  • Artistic Hobbies- Like their fellow Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo has a creative side that needs time to be nurtured. The best way to ensure that they’re able to do so is to schedule some time into their day for their creative pursuits (possibly into their morning routine). A craft that requires the fine motor skills of the hands (Mercury rules the hands) such as sewing, sketching, or painting is great for Virgo to try.

Virgo’s True Guilty Pleasure

  • Junk Food- Virgo is usually very conscientious about what they eat, just as they are with everything else in their life. However, they, like most people, indulge in cheat days now and then. When those days roll around, Virgo loves nothing more than a bit of junk food. They never go overboard of course, but the indulgence does them good all the same.
  • Strategy Games- Virgo is a brilliant strategist, and they adore playing games against equally brilliant people. How else are they supposed to improve after all? Games such as chess or strategic board games with built-in moral dilemmas like Monopoly, Scruples, or Settlers of Catan are some of Virgo’s favorites.

Working Toward Balance

Virgo is a warm-hearted being who loves to solve other people’s issues, and who frequently forgets that they’re allowed to take care of their own needs as well. For Virgo, taking time for self-care may feel like an inefficient waste of time, but the truth is, it fills up their energy reserves and helps them rebalance when the world inside their head gets to be a little too much. Self-care doesn’t have to be grand, indulgent, or expensive gestures. Self-care is what helps Virgo feel more settled in their own skin and within their minds, and there’s no such thing as wasted time when it comes to that.

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