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Dating a Virgo Man

Dating a Virgo Man | California Psychics

Virgo Man Traits

Virgo is one of two signs ruled by Mercury, but the similarities between Virgos and Geminis tend to end there. Where Geminis are social butterflies, the Virgo man is more reserved. While he has no objection to social gatherings and tends to have a truly charming personality, he hates the spotlight and will do everything he can to stay out of it. The Virgo man prefers to observe, for his specialty is in the fine details of things, which makes him a true gift on any project, work-related or otherwise. Overall, a Virgo is very practical man, grounded in realism and a hint of perfectionism, and while that might make him sound boring, there are few signs more devoted and loyal than a Virgo.

How to Attract a Virgo Man

The Virgo man doesn’t like to put himself out there much, and he’s going to guard his heart fiercely. In fact, Virgos are rather notorious for remaining single for quite a long time because they’re holding out for that perfect partner. So, if you want to attract a Virgo man, get ready for a long campaign, because it will take some patience and a lot of love from you. Being the perfectionists they are, Virgo men are a bit prone to low self-esteem and a lot of self-criticism, and while they won’t fall for you the first time you throw a compliment their way, if you’re consistent with your positive feedback confidence boosters, he’ll soon see that you’re not just a fair-weather flirt, and start opening up to you a bit.

How to Communicate with a Virgo Man

The Virgo man likes to be precise, and it can get on his nerves when others aren’t the same way. If he’s sharing information, he’s going to have all of the details for you at the start, he’s going to know the answers to all of the questions, and he’s going to have resources. If he has a problem with you or that he needs to bring to your attention, he will have planned out everything he needs to say. So, what’s the best way to communicate with a Virgo man? With words honestly. Preferably words that fall into complete, well thought out sentences that show him you have enough respect for the situation to think before you speak. It will earn you his respect in turn if you do.

How to Date a Virgo Man

The Virgo man is not a terribly romantic person. The more traditional forms of romance are not going to speak to him very clearly and may actually cause him to run the other way. His love language is action, volunteering for good causes, helping the people he cares about, or bringing them things that he knows they’ll like without being asked. The Virgo man is rather a devoted humanitarian, friend, and family man. He also seems to be on a constant quest for self-improvement and is drawn to those who can help him with that. The perfect dates to take a Virgo man on could include helping out at a food bank, a neighborhood beautifying project, a weekend meditation retreat, or a class on that new hobby he’s been talking about taking up for a while now.

Virgo Man Turn Ons

The Virgo man works hard for everything he has, especially when it comes to his career, and a little recognition of all that hard work goes a long way. It won’t have him falling on his knees declaring his undying love for you, but it will help with that constant self-criticism he carries around with him. He also finds it equally as attractive when you are as hard working as he is. Security is important, not just to Virgos, but to all Earth signs, and if a Virgo man is going to invest his time and his love in any relationship, it helps to know that hard work is something that his partner is not going to shy away from. Also, he finds people who keep things neat and organized very sexy. The Virgo man is the definition of organized, and he will be far more attracted to someone who shares that need for organization than to someone who just doesn’t care where anything lands.

Virgo Man Turn Offs

The Virgo man doesn’t like the spotlight at all. He will never take the lead if he can help it, and he does not like the attention of too many people on him at once, so don’t force him into drama while you’re on a date. He won’t forget, and he’ll always be on his guard for when you’ll do it again, which doesn’t make for a fun or romantic setting. He also doesn’t like people who are never on time or who constantly cancel plans, it’s practically a cardinal sin in his eyes. And if you push him too hard to open up about his feelings or his past too soon, he’ll just stop talking to you. The Virgo man prefers to be more reserved in his emotions, and he only reveals his heart to those he trusts after a long process. Those who don’t respect that boundary are not worth his time.

Virgo Man Compatibility

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