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Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Taurus and Virgo

Taurus and Virgo as a romantic couple complement each other’s grounded approach to love. Taurus’ likes to give, but they also like to receive, and Virgo is equally as generous when happy. In addition, like most earth signs, these two are highly sensual and affectionate. Taurus and Virgo find each other with an inner radar that shows them they’ve found someone who is seeking stability and lasting commitment.

When two earth signs like Taurus and Virgo make a love match, the relationship is as cozy as a bed made of clouds which they’ll happily share for hours on end. This pair of passionate lovers continually strives to make the earth move for one another. Still, they do have their differences. Taurus is a fixed sign who likes to make a plan and see it through. Virgo is a mutable sign and more apt to changing times, venues and plans in general. Here’s where these two could drive each other crazy. In order to make this relationship work, Virgo will have to understand Taurus’ need for consistency. In return, Taurus can try to be a bit more flexible and be willing to see life through Virgo’s eyes.

Love by Element:  Earth and Earth

Instinctively when two earth signs come together, it’s based on practicality and balance. Each needs to know that they share the same goals and dreams in order to share the same space and peacefully cohabitate. Agreement on these issues is important if not imperative. Once that is established the real love can begin. It all makes for a stable, comfortable connection, but this relationship also needs a small amount of friction to keep it lively. Luckily, Taurus and Virgo differ in ways that let that friction/excitement exist just enough to keep it interesting, and their connection only deepens with time.

The Good Side of Taurus and Virgo

Taurus adores baubles, gifts and sweeping gestures of affection, both giving and receiving. Virgo is equally generous, and together this match-up could easily become the world’s largest “adore-a-thon.”  Almost from the inception of their romantic connection, Taurus will be planning for the future, which is not Taurus’ usual take-time approach. Virgo and Taurus can both be picky about whom they let into their lives, but that can quickly change when they meet each other.

The Bad Side of Taurus and Virgo

In close, personal relationships, there’s always a chance that too much of anything can become a codependent thing. While it’s cozy and comfy in the little love nest Taurus and Virgo build, it’s essential for them to maintain a bit of autonomy. Spending every waking moment together will only smother this romance. Having separate groups of friends and interests will help to keep things interesting and exciting.

The Keys to a Successful Union

A Taurus/Virgo relationship can feel like heaven on earth. The energy these two create together is one of harmony and happiness, and it’s an easy-going connection. Taurus will feel appreciated and understood by Virgo. Virgo’s worrisome ways will lessen thanks to Taurus’ soothing demeanor. However, these two can be almost too comfortable together. While they could essentially bare all with one another, the truth is that it’s always best to keep a bit of mystery alive. Taurus may love touching Virgo’s soft skin, but they don’t need to see them applying moisturizer. Virgo may love Taurus’ pearly whites, but they don’t need to watch their lover floss.

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One thought on “Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

  1. Earthlovers

    We both are easily in love. One of the most passionate and intense loves ever. We are neither shy or ashamed in the bedroom we let loose easily wish each other and are freaky yet deeply connected to each other sexually. we met on our job and are in love instantly some how we understand each other better than any one that thinks they knows us or how we feel. When we speak on it we agree versus what other people perceived. Heaven sent for sure. Did I mention a sexy couple. We dealt with the other water signs the same and well choose each other every time because we pretty give each other what we want and need that these other signs claims to give lol. It no lacking with us regardless of what a astrologist say. A huge 10/10 very minimal criticism and they funny thing is the other signs criticized more than we did. But that’s another story. Entertainment at it’s best, and if we don’t have to watch each other lotion or floss it’s no biggie we respect each other’s space even though we rather be under each other. We love our children, home, date nights, sex, our security and stability, truly a match made in heaven! We have separate friends but they know about us. If there is a argument we’ve learned to apologize and forgive to save our bond then to hurt one another over something so stupid. Team work make the dream work I would say. No we not perfect but it’s worth it. The sexy time is definitely 10/10 and I would say extremely high far from medium compatibility. A Capricorn would come to medium not Taurus and Virgo love.


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