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Dating a Taurus Woman

Dating a Taurus Woman | California Psychics

Taurus Woman Traits

The Taurus woman is one of the most loving people you will ever meet in your life. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as she’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Her personality goes much deeper than that of a die-hard romantic however, though she definitely is one. She’s a truly compassionate soul, with an infinite amount of patience. She takes things in her stride, which is generally steady, and never rushed. The Taurus woman is also extremely dependable, and once she’s gotten to know you, will be completely committed to your relationship.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman loves luxury, so if you want to be attractive to her, pampering her is certain to earn you points in her book. She also wants to know that you’re interested in her, so don’t be afraid to be romantic when you’re trying to attract a Taurus woman; she will notice and appreciate the effort. It’s not a good idea to try and rush her into a relationship though. She’s a practical person, and likes to take relationships slowly, so that she knows exactly what she’s getting into. Be patient, respect her, and give her the room to take things at her own pace. She will appreciate you more for the care and consideration you took during this period, and you will have a very deep connection as a result.

How to Date a Taurus Woman

Romantic, calm, and somewhat introverted, the Taurus woman is best wooed through gestures and behavior that may appear to be old-fashioned. The Taurus woman in love adores flowers and other small gifts, as well as time spent together in meaningful communication, rather than hanging out in noisy nightclubs. One thing that you’ll need to consider when planning a date with her is that she appreciates consistency and consideration. Ask about good dates and times for getting together and offer two or three options for your date. She can then select the venue that suits her mood and taste.

How to Communicate With a Taurus Woman

Straightforward, direct communication that is also calm and reasoned in tone is particularly valued by the Taurus woman. In fact, signs that a Taurus woman likes you include her initiating conversations with you, even on topics that might be considered “sensitive.” Keep in mind, though, that she has a stubborn streak. If you have a difference of opinion, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t back down from her point. This doesn’t mean, however, that she has a problem with you personally. In fact, she will likely respect you more if you don’t give in to her perspective, at least right away. As long as things remain civil, you have nothing to worry about. Losing your temper or becoming sarcastic however, may cause her to retreat.

Turn Ons of a Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is an extremely caring person, and she appreciates it when others are the same way. You can show her that you care by learning what she likes and doesn’t like and making a special effort to incorporate them into your dates. For example, the Taurus woman is an avid nature lover, but she doesn’t like being pushed out of her comfort zone. So, take her to a botanical garden or a beautiful park on a sunny afternoon, and have a picnic filled with only her favorite foods. She will think it’s absolutely delightful. The thing that the Taurus woman finds the most attractive though, is someone who works hard and can prove they’re reliable. Security is extremely important to the Taurus woman; she works hard, and she wants to know that her partner can work just as hard as her and will be able to hold up their end of their partnership.

Turn Offs of a Taurus Woman

As the Taurus woman expects those around her to be as dependable and hard working as she is, she has a hard time with people who are unmotivated. She’ll never confront you about it, because she hates confrontation and drama, but she won’t call you back for a second date. The other thing that repels the Taurus woman is an overly flirtatious personality. She’s solid as a rock in her relationships, and it hurts her to think that someone, especially someone close to her, isn’t as constant. And because she doesn’t want to get into a fight or be in pain, she’d rather just quietly disappear from your life than confront you about it.

Taurus Woman Compatibility

Are you currently matched with a Taurus woman? Find out how compatible the two of you are with the California Psychics Zodiac Sign Compatibility Tool. And for more in-depth information on your personalities as a couple, your good and bad sides, and how to make it work, read your Compatibility blog on the California Psychics’ website.

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    I am a taurus woman. I am seeing a Pisces man but I have very strong feelings for a gemini man. And i believe he has feelings for me.. do we have a chance at love Would we a taurus and gemini hit it off?


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