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Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus and Gemini Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Taurus and Gemini

When Taurus and Gemini get together, it’s an unlikely and unusual match-up that might puzzle even the casual observer. One might think that these two have almost nothing in common, and they’d be correct.  However, their dissimilarities are what make this relationship work – “vive la différence.”

Taurus and Gemini could be the poster couple for the philosophy of “opposites attract.”  That’s what makes this an alchemic combination that will either prove to be a flash in the pan or an eternal flame of epic spark and proportion. Either way, it can be intense and erotic; whether they last or not, there can be an undeniable sexual attraction.

Love by Element:  Earth and Air

Earth and Air can have as much in common as oil and water. Taurus, the Earth sign, is grounded and relatively predictable. Gemini, the Air sign, lives life on the fly in a series of spontaneous movements. However, one thing they do have in common is a healthy sexual appetite. In this particularly odd astrological chemistry experiment, Earth and Air can create some intense sexual heat. Carnally, these two will try anything once, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll give it one more try just to make sure.

Astrologically speaking, Taurus and Gemini have nothing in common – their Sun signs, elements, and qualities are all different from their partner. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, who can be set in their ways and prefer sticking with the tried and true. Gemini is a mutable Air sign who enjoys spontaneity and trying new things. They would seem an unlikely pair, except they also have a way of charming the quieter side out of each other. These two playmates can force each other out of their respective comfort zones in a way that works. Taurus enjoys the stimulation and Gemini is fascinated by Taurus’ ability to make it last.

The Good Side of Taurus and Gemini

When Taurus and Gemini try a relationship on for size, they’ll soon see what a challenge it can be. Still, their chemistry can draw them together and keep them together long into their connection. Even if there are problems that pop up after the honeymoon phase is over, these two may be so hopelessly in love that they’ll want to work through it.

The Bad Side of Taurus and Gemini

Because Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus; they are fascinated with nature. Gemini may find Taurus boring at times. Gemini’s Air element thrives on spontaneity and last-minute adventures. Alternatively, Taurus may find Gemini to be unreliable and someone who talks a big game without the follow through. Taurus feel a bit unearthed while trying to keep up with Gemini’s inability to focus on a plan and stick to it. This type of relationship might make for good business partners, where one person has the vision, and the other has the willingness to see the idea through; however, making that dynamic work in romance is more difficult. If they can translate this into a workable love union, they can turn their opposing sides into personal challenges, something they both enjoy.

The Keys to a Successful Union

The critical phrase in making a Taurus and Gemini union work is to “let it go.”  As astrological next-door neighbors with unique points of view, they’ll both have to learn compromise and value their partner’s POV. Hopefully, by the time the physical chemistry starts to wear down, they’ll already be so in love they couldn’t imagine living apart.


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