Taurus Traits: Patient and Loyal

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Those fortunate enough to be born beneath the sign of Taurus (April 20-May 20) are gifted with patience and loyalty. Their symbol, the magnificent bull, represents their strengths of character, body, and mind. Associated with the element of earth and ruled by the planet Venus, it’s no wonder that Taurus is known as the “love bug” of the zodiac. Their devotion to their loved ones is beyond reproach, and the steadfast dedication of the bull is the stuff of legend.

Taurus is the “anchor” of the western zodiac. They do not shy away from a challenge, and they aren’t afraid to get the job done, regardless of what sacrifices are necessary to reach their goal. This is a person you want on your team. They will listen to anyone’s opinion but are rarely swayed in their perceptions. Additionally, they make wonderful spouses, and their parental skills are beyond reproach. Taureans are also known to be the greatest lovers in the entire zodiac.

A Fixed Earth Sign

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is heavily grounded and determined. Additionally, their biggest “pet peeve” is dishonesty. If you ever want to see the bad side of the bull, deceive them and watch what happens. Fireworks are guaranteed! This is a person who can handle almost any kind of problem with direction and dedication. If they feel like they’ve been misled, they’ll be gone before the door can slam.

Once a Taurus has made up their mind, very little can be done to change it. If you’re on a first date with a Taurus, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re being interviewed for a job. This is due to their “get down to business” attitude. They don’t waste time and are remarkably practical in most situations. If they’re seeking a long-term relationship, they almost forget to stay in the dating stage and, instead, go directly for the marriage proposal.

Taurus In Romance

When it comes to love, people born under Taurus are devoted and affectionate. They can be slow to fall, but once they do, they want to be extremely close with their love interest. Thanks to their Venus ruler, the sign of Taurus is naturally romantic. They generally want to spend lots of time with their significant other, and they often enjoy cuddles and other displays of tenderness. Grounded as they are, Taureans value consistency and loyalty in their partners — and when they find someone who is willing to match their dedication, they can build relationships that last for life.

Understanding Taurus Women

The Taurus woman is a wonderful example of both boundaries and blessings. She can be unyielding in her instructions, but she is so loving and supportive that her loved ones don’t seem to mind. Taurus women are often at war with their own internal dialogue, and they can be very stubborn in their beliefs and perceptions of life. They are also supportive of the people they’re closest too, regardless of any disagreements. They can be very generous in the bedroom, though Taurus women generally feel most comfortable when their partner makes the first move.

Understanding Taurus Men

The Taurus man enjoys being the strong one in the relationship. Very generous and giving in sexual encounters, he is not satisfied unless he knows he has satisfied his partner. Taurus men are generally not as open to experimentation as some other signs. They also enjoy showing their affection in traditional ways (roses, candy, etc.), and they are happiest when they feel appreciated by their loved ones.

The Traits of Taurus Children

Taurus children can be exceptional in many ways. Their innate tenacity can be both a blessing and a curse, because Taurean children rarely back off once they’ve chosen a direction. To raise a healthy, happy Taurus child, their caretakers and teachers must have a great deal of patience, and they’ll need to be very creative in order to motivate the child to go down the right path. A Taurus child rarely disappoints when asked to perform a skit or sing a song. They love being the center of attention.

The Positive Qualities of Taurus

Most Taureans possess an appreciation for the finer things in life. Perhaps that’s what the infamous “bull” was doing in that china shop. They adore order and structure, but most of all, their hearts seek truth and beauty. In the mind of a Taurus, the truth is beautiful, and beauty is the truth.

Gifted with a quick wit and great sense of humor, the Taurus personality lends itself to gatherings that showcase the agile mind of this delightful astrological sign. A gathering will rarely be anything but lively and memorable if someone born under Taurus is involved. Additionally, Taurus is a wonderful host, so if you need someone to put on a play or another event, they’re the person to see! They won’t stop until every detail has been addressed. Although the Taurus-born tend to be perfectionists, they have the heart and compassion to see other people’s struggles. Often, they will jump in to help correct whatever malady has befallen the collective.

The Negative Qualities of Taurus

The downfall of many people born under Taurus is their tendency to burn out due to their constant need to tend to their “herd.” They frequently help people so much that they become exhausted. At that point, they simply stop. They’ll shut down for an indeterminate amount of time, then spring back to life once they’ve reacclimated to their comfort zone. The sign of Taurus wants to be challenged and will never be satisfied with sitting on their laurels. Regardless of the many accolades they receive, a Taurus won’t view their previous victories as enough. They will always have their eyes aimed at the horizon.

Famous People Born Under Taurus

Celebrities born under Taurus include:

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • George Clooney
  • Adele
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

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