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Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Taurus and Leo

When Taurus and Leo come together, they can make a serious power couple in the boardroom, and an intensely sexual couple in the bedroom. Together, they rule whatever room they enter. However, Leo may try to steal the spotlight, making Taurus a bit resentful. The bull and the lion are both powerful creatures, but Taurus prefers to be in the lead, and Leo just adores attention. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, but to do that they need to learn to share, support, and form a united front. These two can bond rather quickly. In fact, once they decide they are officially a couple, anyone else who is left hanging around in the dating pool will likely be let go immediately.

Both Taurus and Leo have an affinity for the best life has to offer.  They thrive on having a beautiful home with all the comforts, and more importantly, a loving, loyal partner to share it with. Taurus and Leo are an equally devoted couple and possessive partners.

Love by Element:  Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire have different approaches to life. Earth enjoys being grounded, putting down roots and have a stable home base. Fire is more spontaneous, unpredictable and they like excitement. At first, Leo may feel caged in by Taurus’ idea of home and hearth. Alternatively, Taurus can feel uneasy with all of Leo’s constantly-changing energy. However, Taurus enjoys feeling the earth move. Their differences can be a challenge for this couple, but they can both benefit from those challenges. If, however, they continually compete for the lead role in this relationship, the results can be volcanic. If they can come to appreciate the differences between them, they’ll see that their partner adds a new dimension to their lives that perhaps was missing before.

The Good Side of Taurus and Leo

When it comes to love, both Taurus and Leo enjoy having someone to call their own, and there is little chance – unless they’re miserable, that either will leave the relationship. As two signs that both relish pleasure in its many forms, these two will enjoy many blissful and passionate moments.

The Bad Side of Taurus and Leo

With both Taurus and Leo loving the more exceptional things in life, this can be one costly connection. Usually, both are good at making money, but letting Taurus, the more reserved of the two, handle the finances is probably best. Leo loves extravagances and doesn’t work well with boundaries or limits. That can cause Taurus a bit of angst as money seems to be trickling out of the bank account. As a couple, they will need to find a way to occasionally indulge one another’s eccentricities while not going overboard doing it. If they cannot come to an agreement, prepare for a volcanic eruption. Each will argue why the other is wrong, and they are right; neither is likely to back down.

The Keys to a Successful Union

Of the two, Taurus is more practical. Impulsive Leo could really benefit from Taurus’ down-to-earth aura, learning to stop and smell the roses, or at least appreciate the moment. Leo’s outgoing energy will help Taurus get off the comfy couch and perhaps even do things they’d never do before.  Since they each possess personality traits the other is missing, this pair can be a winning love match.

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