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Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Taurus and Pisces  

Taurus and Pisces make a great astrological love match. These two can form a natural bond that’s deep, intimate, and steeped in security and comfort. Taurus is a sign that represents loyalty in love. Pisces, when in love, will be a faithful partner, giving their heart and soul. When creative, and sometimes unrealistic, Pisces has an idea, they can rely on Taurus to form it into a practical plan of action. Pisces will want to share their love of music and art which pleases the Venusian native. Taurus is eager to show Pisces what it’s like to enjoy the more exceptional things in life, such as fine wines and delectable dishes and desserts. These two do like to eat, relax, and enjoy when they are together. However, a little too much of anything isn’t always a good thing, and their dabbling could lead to self-indulgence that can become self-destructive.

On most days, this is a loving, nurturing relationship; however, there’s a risk that these two could also become codependent. Also, both possess wildly fluctuating moods. When these two sensitive souls hit a wall, drama can ensue, at which time both Taurus and Pisces can tune each other out.

Love by Element: Earth and Water

Like an incoming ocean tide crashing against an impenetrable rocky shoreline, the elements of Earth and Water are forces of nature both powerful and awe-inspiring.  In this near-perfect pairing, Taurus is the grounding energy, and Pisces is the more emotionally, gut-driven energy.  Combined, these two energies can initially clash until they realize how well they can coexist.

There is a strong magnetic pull shared by Taurus and Pisces, especially behind closed doors.  Sensual Taurus can take a partner to the edge of the Earth with their lovemaking skills.  When matched with Pisces’ spiritually intuitive and emotive capabilities, these two can transcend all time, space, and reality to create a lasting ethereal bond.

The Good Side of Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces can be a loving, sensual pair. Taurus, the hugger, needs only to spread their arms wide and Pisces will rush in and cuddle-up. With Pisces’s imagination and Taurus’s support (including planning and financing), their home can be a cozy den of relaxation and indulgence—good food, good wine, etc. Both Taurus and Pisces are open to learning about each other’s style and trying it on for size. They are both sensitive and intuitive, making them a highly romantic and nurturing pair, who love doing nice things for each other.

The Bad Side of Taurus and Pisces

For some reason, Pisces seems to bring out the playful and indulgent side of Taurus. Taurus is usually grounded, although undisciplined in their own right, but Pisces can muddy their perception and suddenly everything and everyone around them feels like it is part of a dream. Taurus already has a self-indulgent streak, but this match-up seems to amplify it. Additionally, Pisces can drive the more grounded Taurus to their limits—changing plans, adding last-minute guests, etc. Luckily, both love to entertain, it’s just that Taurus likes to know what they’re doing, with whom, what they’re going to eat, etc. If this is going to last, both Taurus and Pisces will have to love the other for who they are and work to make their partner happy.

Keys to a Successful Union

Taurus and Pisces form a 60-degree angle (called a sextile) from one another on the zodiac wheel, giving them a relationship that develops quickly whether in friendship or romance. In fact, friendships in like couples often do become relationships. However, being so “close” can also mean that these two can wind up quibbling like two siblings. Luckily excellent communication is another trait of the sextile couple.

Here’s the key to success:  This relationship recipe is fantastic, but spicing it up will go a long way to keeping these two from getting stuck in a predictable rut. Enjoying date nights together and entertaining friends are also excellent ways to keep things interesting.

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3 thoughts on “Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

  1. Taurus In Ohio

    He is Pisces March 7, I am Taurus May 19. He hates confrontation, does not like to talk about things and sucks with communication. I had enough after ten months of not being heard and moved out. He went to therapy and is learning how to better communicate and understand how relationships are supposed to work. This man is burned in my brain, my heart, and my soul. He moved in with me and two months later we got married. The passion is the most intense I have ever experienced and I love him with all that I am.

  2. Mae

    He was born February 27th 1961. I would love to know exactly how he feels. He doesn’t like any kind of confrontation, a loner, I have yet to hear of any friends, he’s a good lover, listener, loves music, he can be truly romantic, he works very hard. I’m a Taurus April 26, 1950. I’m losing my patience. I have said to him when I go I will not come back or look back. He says every time it will never be over us. I say YES

  3. Mae

    The Pisces man I’m dating is exactly the way the zodiac says a Pisces is. I truly believe he loves me, he loves his alone time we have been together for six years. I feel it’s time for me to move on he has mood changes and in the next breath it’s like nothing happened.


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