Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Taurus and Pisces  

Taurus and Pisces make a great astrological love match. These two can form a natural bond that’s deep, intimate and steeped in security and comfort. Taurus is a sign that represents loyalty in love. Pisces, when in love, will be a faithful partner giving their heart and soul. When creative, and sometimes unrealistic, Pisces has an idea, they can rely on Taurus to form it into a practical plan of action. Pisces will want to share their love of music and art which pleases the Venusian native. Taurus is eager to show Pisces what it’s like to enjoy the more exceptional things in life, such as fine wines and delectable dishes and desserts. These two do like to eat, relax and enjoy when they are together. However, a little too much of anything isn’t always a good thing, and their dabbling could lead to self-indulgence that can become self-destructive.

On most days, this is a loving, nurturing relationship; however, there’s a risk that these two could also become codependent. Also, both possess wildly fluctuating moods. When these two sensitive souls hit a wall, drama can ensue, at which time both Taurus and Pisces can tune each other out.

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