The Best Self-Care Routine for Taurus

Best Self-Care Routine for Taurus | California Psychics

What is Taurus Self-Care?

Happy Taurus season! As the beloved Bull steps into the spotlight, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Taurus during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Taurus, you can use this guide to help your Taurus friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Taurus season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Gemini season.

In some ways, Taurus and self-care go hand in hand. Famed foodies and lovers of luxury, Bulls are known for taking care of themselves. They’re also known for taking care of others, as Taurus’ are extremely generous people. They give and give, and give, which can indeed take its toll when it’s not reciprocated or appreciated, leaving Taurus in need of more self-care than they realize. So, what exactly is the best self-care routine for Taurus? It’s long hikes outside where they can ground themselves in nature. It’s cultivating a garden and cooking up a storm in the kitchen whenever they want. It’s relaxing massages and letting their creative sides out with their artistic hobbies. For Taurus, self-care is long naps, plenty of meditation, and perfect project completion.

What Stresses a Taurus Out?

Steady and dependable, nothing stresses Taurus’ out more than sudden change. This is due mostly to the fact that Taurus is an Earth sign, and security in all things is absolutely paramount to their well-being. Therefore, if it sends a shock through Taurus’ system, they won’t take it well. Taurus are also prone to stress out about all things financial because money makes the world go ‘round, as they say. Taurus need solid foundations upon which to build their lives, their futures, and the futures of their loved ones, and their careers and financial portfolios make up a massive portion of that. Not only do they approach both of them very seriously, but they tend to carry the stress of that care around with them wherever they go, which can leave them tense and irritable. Taurus are also extremely sensitive souls, so any criticism that’s leveled at them, especially regarding their work, will deal a massive blow to their self-esteem, raise their stress levels even higher, and make them work even more than they already do, which is excessive as is. To help prevent that, here’s your self-care routine for the loyal Bull. 

Self-Care for the Mind of a Taurus

  • Morning Routine- It’s important to most Taurus to feel good about their appearance before leaving the house, which means a nice long shower and a decent grooming/make-up and styling routine are essential. Another must of the Taurus morning routine is a large breakfast that they can actually sit down and enjoy. Their reputation for being the foodie of the zodiac is well-earned and a good, peaceful morning meal, away from social media and other news is as good as a morning meditation for Taurus.
  • Music- When Taurus are feeling insecure, listening to music helps to soothe their fears and help ground them again. Taurus are very sensuous people, so staying in touch with their bodily senses is important for them to feel calm and safe. Music, with its unique ability to transport the mind and even make you physically feel it at certain volumes, is perfect for when Taurus are feeling out of sorts.  
  • Artistic Hobbies- Earth signs have a reputation for being all business all the time, but Taurus are extremely creative beings. Just because they are detail-oriented doesn’t mean they can’t also find joy in creativity. Fortunately, the world of arts and crafts is full of things that Taurus can be both creative and meticulous with. Hobbies such as origami, pottery, crocheting, and needlepoint, just to name a few, allow Taurus to let their creativity shine while also speaking to their love of structure.

Self-Care for the Body of a Taurus

  • Weight Training- Taurus are not the most active of the zodiac, and while they’re great team players, team sports will never be their first choice when it comes to choosing how to exercise. Weight training is perfect for Taurus though because while it does require effort on their part, they can let their minds wander while doing it, and it can be a solitary activity if they want it to be.
  • Hiking- Being the youngest of the Earth signs, Taurus need to connect with nature. A long hike through the woods or even short treks through local nature parks are exactly the thing to help any Taurus feel better about the world around them.
  • Sleep- Taurus has a reputation for being one of the lazier signs, which is rather unfair since it’s mostly founded on the fact that Taurus enjoy their sleep. When you work as hard as the Bull, sleep is absolutely essential. In order to function at their best, Taurus generally need between seven to nine hours of sleep per day. They can get by on less if they’re sleeping really well, but such matters should always be discussed with a medical professional first and foremost.

Self-Care for the Heart of a Taurus

  • Romantic Partners- Taurus are extremely loving and devoted partners who will do just about anything for their significant other. There’s nothing wrong with this unless/until it’s not reciprocated, and there’s a very significant danger of it becoming a full-time job. If this starts to happen, Taurus needs to remember that they have a life that they should be enjoying too, and their partner either needs to start being equal in the relationship, or some massive changes will have to be made immediately.
  • Friends- Taurus are extremely loyal to the friends they have, though many find it difficult to make friends as adults, preferring their childhood friendships to anything else. And while Taurus’ willingness to do anything for their friends is legendary, they need to learn that it’s okay to ask their friends for a favor or a sympathetic ear, especially when they really need one.
  • Family- Family means everything to Taurus. They’re never more at ease than when they’re within their family circle. They love to host family events as well, taking any excuse to celebrate with their people. Taurus are rather nostalgic beings, so more than anyone in the family, they’ll be the ones to maintain family customs or traditions and happily pass them down to the next generation. While Taurus never sees anything they do for their family as a chore, they do run the risk of burning themselves out on family obligations if they’re not careful. Sometimes Taurus has to be reminded that they’re not the only members of the family who can throw an amazing party, and other people deserve a turn too.

Self-Care for the Spirit of a Taurus

  • Meditate- In our fast-paced world, Taurus can easily become overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes going on around them. When that happens, a simple, yet effective sensory meditation, such as the five senses exercise will help to settle them again. The exercise consists of taking a deep, calming breath, and listing out the following: Five things you can see, four things you can feel, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. It might not be a bad exercise for Taurus to incorporate into their morning or evening routine either.
  • Unplug- When the fatigue and the stress hit, the last thing that Taurus needs to be doing is scrolling through their social media feeds or staring at their laptops or tablets. Any device that lets off blue light is just going to remind them of everything that got them all wound up in the first place. While once a week would be ideal, complete removal from all tech for at least half a day once every two weeks or so will be the perfect refresh for the Bull.

What Relaxes a Taurus?

  • Massage- Taurus can work themselves into literal knots over their future security, their work, the changes that they’ve been told are coming, the changes that are happening at the moment, not to mention the changes that occurred the week before that they still haven’t had proper time to adjust to…you get the idea. The point is, they get themselves so worked up that a full body massage to ease their tension is a necessary form of self-care for them.
  • Gardening- Whether they live in a house or an apartment, Taurus will find a way to bring nature into their home, because it’s extremely relaxing for them. They find every part of the gardening process, from planting to weeding, watering to pruning therapeutic. And if they happen to be growing something utilitarian like a vegetable or an herb garden, well that just adds another layer of pleasure to the whole thing for them.

Activities Where a Taurus Can Let Go

  • Cooking- Taurus have an adventurous side, and it generally comes out to play when they’re in the kitchen. Taurus’ love food and they really enjoy making it, both for themselves and those they love. Not only does cooking engage all of the senses, but it gives Taurus a chance to let their creativity loose when they’re feeling daring, or to just indulge in a comforting favorite when they’ve had a hard day at work. 
  • Dancing- Just as music helps to relax their mind when they’re having a stressful day, dancing allows the Bull to just let go of their worries for a bit and be grounded in the moment. It doesn’t matter if the pace is fast or slow, all that matters is that Taurus is completely engrossed in the action and having fun!

Taurus’ True Guilty Pleasure

  • Take Out- Let’s get one thing straight: Taurus aren’t lazy. They are, in fact, extremely hardworking and ambitious people. They love to cook their own food and experiment with recipes, but they also don’t mind when other people do the work and bring the good to them from time to time. The difference between Taurus ordering take-out and anyone else is that Taurus will order it from a high-end restaurant without batting an eye because they like luxury. Just because they don’t want to get dressed up to go out after work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to experience it.
  • Retail Therapy- Taurus works hard, and they save a great deal. They also like spending the money they make and will frequently indulge in shopping sprees. Buying themselves expensive clothes and décor for their homes makes them feel as though they have truly reached the ambitious goals that they’ve always set for themselves, and that the security that they’ve always longed for is actually within their reach. It is a guilty pleasure, but it’s also self-care because it’s not called retail therapy for nothing.

Healing the Burn Out

Many Taurus may think they have their self-care routine completely covered because they don’t skimp on looking after themselves, and they shouldn’t! But they rarely replenish everything that they’ve given to those around them, generous and sweet beings that they are. Taurus will never see what they do for other people as a sacrifice, but constant giving can burn out the best of people, which is why even the most indulgent people need a little bit of true self-care every once in a while.

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