Daily Draw: The Sun Card

The most expansive and positive card in the Major Arcana, the Sun Card, is a portent of successful outcomes to long struggles — and renewed vitality, hope, self-esteem, and optimism.

If financial matters are improving, the Sun tells us there will be even more robust growth to come. If we have been struggling with an idea, we now know that the concept will finally bloom into full clarity and consciousness — because nothing can hide from the Sun.

This card also symbolizes beauty in art and science: the finely rendered painting, or the exquisitely crafted song.

Questions to ask yourself if the card comes up include: “What is it that makes me excited and passionate?” and “Where do my talents truly lie?”

Now is the time to build on your own life force, as all systems are “go.” The Sun card reversed is not so much a plunging into darkness, but rather a dimming of light symbolized by confusion, bewilderment, or a denial of the child within.

It is often marked by a turning away from vitality and reason to an often cynical or even unrealistic point of view. Perhaps there has been a loss of purpose and focus, or there is nostalgia for how things used to be.

The power of the Sun is still present, so all is not lost.

However: It is important to be aware that something is blocking us from growth — whether it be poor planning or a refusal to look at reality. Have you received this card in a reading? What did it mean in your life?

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