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Leo and Aries Compatibility

Leo and Aries Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Aries

When Leo meets Aries it’s an instant attraction. This is one hot pairing that won’t waste time getting to know each other. This is also a relationship that will likely last a lifetime. At least, it certainly won’t end due to boredom. These two Hollywood types love lots of attention, which works out fine unless they’re both seeking it from the same source at the same time, which may cause a “diva situation.” When a real argument ensues, it can be an inferno. However, whether they fight over things big or petty, they quickly make up. In fact, the passionate make-up scenes make these two unafraid to overstep their bounds; they may even enjoy pushing each other’s buttons occasionally. Together, they are passion personified. On the whole, this couple is upbeat, playful, friendly and one of the warmest match-ups in astrology.

Leo demands loyalty in a relationship. Aries only strays when they’re not given proper attention, so that won’t be a problem here. Both like the feeling of being their partner’s only true love. As long as Leo can refrain from talking about past relationships, this relationship will be a match made in heaven.

Love by Element: Fire and Fire

Leo and Aries are both Fire signs—they’re an excitable and enthusiastic couple who can be adventurous, fun, and flamboyant.  However, Leo and Aries are two different types of fire.  Leo inherently feels like the good life is a birthright and that things they want will inevitably come their way.  Aries is ambitious and feels they want to and need to work for the things they have.  Here’s where Aries and Leo can butt heads, and that’s where this burning love can turn into a raging inferno.  Still, when any Fire sign wants something or someone, there’s no easy way out, and saying “no” just gives them a challenge they’ll work harder to overcome.  Maybe that’s why this Fire and Fire pairing can make such a lasting couple.

The Good Side of Leo and Aries

When Leo and Aries come together for love, they form a power couple. These two are strong in their own right, but together they’re an unstoppable pair. Both can be a bit bossy and selfish at times, but they make it work. They also don’t mind turning that energy on each other. However, they do it mostly out of fun and to see how far they can go. As long as these two give each other the attention they both crave, they’ll be thankful to have someone who understands them and who can also keep up with them as they race around life.

The Bad Side of Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries do differ in styles in some ways and one of them is that Aries derives pleasure from reaping the rewards of hard work. Leo, on the other hand, thinks that they deserve all they have and want. Leo’s ego can be even bigger than Aries in this way. Aries never expects that the things they want and need will one day magically appear on their doorstep. Leo questions why they should expect that. Also, if these two wind up having a family, Leo will have to make sure they don’t ignore Aries’ needs—it’s like having children, plus one. Aries will have to learn that after children, they may no longer come first when it comes to having Leo’s undivided attention.

Leo and Aries are born four signs apart, known in astrology as a trine. In this case, this is a Fire trine since this angle indicates a relationship with two people of the same element. Surely these two feel at home with one another. Still, there are differences: don’t try to change one another.

Here’s their key to success: consider what makes their partner happy and find ways to show appreciation. Be just a tad mysterious—it’s sexy. Don’t be too busy for romance. Just because two people are this comfortable together, doesn’t mean they should be lazy about love. Balance their time and energy in taking the lead role, each has their strong points.

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