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Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Virgo

When Leo and Virgo find each other, it’s usually their differences that spark the initial attraction. Virgo is mesmerized by Leo’s fiery and colorful personality and how they light up a room. Leo finds Virgo’s practical attitude and well-groomed elegance attractive. Each has something the other doesn’t, so they have a fantastic ability to balance each other out as a couple.

Leo is a good match for Virgo. Leo gets Virgo out of their comfort zone and makes them experience new and exciting adventures. Virgo is also a good match for Leo, giving Leo a safe and comfortable feeling without being smothering. Sex sizzles for Leo and Virgo. Leo will find that under all of Virgo’s conscientious and practical behavior lays an erotic and passionate lover just waiting to be let out. However, Leo must learn to give Virgo some time to unwind from their daily responsibilities. They both want the same thing, so both need to adjust to their differing styles. Virgo is a selfless partner, bringing out Leo’s abundant and giving nature.

Love by Element: Fire and Earth

Fire and Earth, along with the other elements, make the world go round, but it’s fire and earth that set humans apart from the rest of earth’s residents. Fires made to last must be built upon solid ground, just the way Leo and Virgo work best when supporting each other despite their vast differences.

In this relationship, Earth can teach Fire to burn slow and steady instead of flaring up at the first hint of excitement. Fire can teach Earth to be a bit less predictable and take more chances. Each of these elements is powerful enough to either enhance or take over the other, but when they are genuinely working together and playing to each other’s strengths, they can be an unbeatable pair.

The Good Side of Leo and Virgo

It’s easy to see why Leo is attracted to Virgo and vice-versa. Virgo has style and they exude a quiet elegance that makes Leo proud to be seen with them. Virgo is drawn to the way Leo lights up a room and their sparkling personality. Virgo is as serious about work as Leo is about play. Also, Leo adds a bit of spark to Virgo’s work-hard world, and Virgo’s selfless side enhances Leo’s sense of generosity. Another difference that fascinates them both is that Leo is the optimist and Virgo, the pessimist. Oddly their differences balance them as a couple. If they start a family together, these differences will also enhance their parenting skills.

The Bad Side of Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo are a classic example of opposites attract. However, sometimes, this dynamic works against their well-being. For example, both Leo and Virgo love entertaining family. Virgo prefers small, quaint gatherings while Leo wants to rent a hall and invite every relative that ever existed and spring for their hotel rooms. Since Leo probably never heard the word “budget” before, this could cost Virgo their sanity as well as their last six-month’s earnings. As long as they continue to respect each other’s point of view, this couple should be able to come to an amicable solution that will please them both.

Keys to a Successful Union

Leo and Virgo are neighbors on the zodiac wheel, but astrologically you have nothing in common. That can mean a mixed approach that’s successful in business, but in romantic relationships, it can be a bit more intense. Each needs to know their personal strengths and that of their partner—taking turns at the wheel.

Here’s the key to success: You each bring something unique to the table. You’ll find in this relationship that your way is not the only way. Give kudos to your lover for being so smart—compliments go a long way. If you learn to set your ego aside, this relationship can fill your heart and elevate your soul.

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