Dating a Scorpio Woman

Dating a Scorpio Woman | California Psychics

Scorpio Woman Traits

It would be fair to say that the Scorpio woman is as intense as her reputation says, but who could blame her? Ruled by fiery, impatient Mars and powerful, mysterious Pluto, the Scorpio woman has a lot of astrological influence pressing down on her, but she carries it well, and even manages to turn it to her advantage. She’s an extremely independent person with a brilliant mind and a great deal of ambition. She’ll happily jump at any opportunity to take the reins of a project and complete it to perfection. She holds herself to very high standards, so she prefers to be in control so that anything she works on will live up to them, including anyone she’s working with. This might rub some people the wrong way, but it probably won’t affect her too much, as other’s opinions slide right off of her. The Scorpio woman isn’t the best with people honestly, but she is very good at reading them for all that; some would say that’s she’s practically psychic (Scorpio is said to be the most psychic of all the signs.) She is also extremely loyal to the people she cares about, select few though they may be. Once you’ve fallen into the Scorpio woman’s good graces, you will have a devoted friend for the rest of your life, which makes her more than worth the difficulty of trying to crack open her shell.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

Being mysterious and alluring comes naturally to a Scorpio woman, but that doesn’t mean that she’s interested in anyone’s attention wherever she goes. So, if you want to win a Scorpio woman’s heart, you have to hold her interest. Engage her in conversation about each other’s hobbies, passions, strange new things you’ve just recently learned, or anything else that you actually enjoy. As a lifelong student of people and their secrets, the Scorpio woman will listen to you with interest, though she may not be terribly forthcoming at first. As long as you respect that and let her open up in her own time, you should do fine. Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit about your accomplishments either, because the Scorpio woman, being the ambitious person she is, likes equally ambitious people. She will approve of your impressive track record and happily talk shop with you as long as you don’t inflate yourself beyond the truth. Remember, she’s good at reading people, and that means that she will see through the rubbish you’re trying to throw at her. It’s best to stay honest about your accomplishments; she’ll appreciate the honesty and your accolades in equal measure.

How to Date a Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is not romantic, and while she certainly won’t throw your bouquet of flowers away when you hand it to her, she will be a little disappointed by how conventional it is. She craves excitement and mystery, not candlelit dinners. Rather than take her to the hottest new restaurant that everyone is raving about, try taking her to a murder mystery dinner instead, or whisk her away for the weekend to explore somewhere neither of you have been yet. She will never be annoyed by a date with a surprise at the end, just remember to always choose the date that involves doing or learning something rather than just being passive together.

How to Communicate with a Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman does not like it when people play with other’s emotions. She’s a very direct person and she expects everyone to be as open and direct with her. That’s probably the most important thing to remember if you want to maintain a good relationship with her—always be open and honest with her. You should also do as much listening to her as you talk, though you probably will do more talking early on in your relationship, be it romantic or platonic. When she finally decides to open up to you, it means that she trusts you, so give her the respect she deserves by listening attentively; she’ll truly appreciate it. The Scorpio woman’s true love language, however, is action. She loves doing things for the people she cares about, and she will do all of it without expecting anything in return. She won’t expect anything from you either, but it won’t hurt your cause to reciprocate. She’ll recognize the action for what it is, an act of love, not a repayment, and it will only improve your relationship.

Turn Ons of a Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is such a blunt person that it’s impossible to know how many bruised egos she’s left in her wake throughout her life. Far from being ashamed of this little personality quirk however, she’s proud of it, and prizes it in others too. And don’t be surprised if her eyes light up just a bit if you combine your own bluntness with a bit of sarcasm. She’s rather prone to dark humor and is not above sharpening her wit with people who can not only take her wicked repartees but keep up with them too. What she finds the most enticing however, is passion, in all it’s forms. She doesn’t have to understand why you’re passionate about something, she just wants to see it lighting up your eyes and hear it coloring your voice as you talk about exotic animal protection, 1940s fashion, baking, or what have you. Your showing excitement about something you love makes her heart skip a couple beats.

Turn Offs of a Scorpio Woman

Nothing will make a Scorpio woman shut down faster than the glimmerings of a jealous or controlling nature. She keeps herself and her emotions under enough control in her day to day life, she doesn’t need extra control in her relationships. And frankly, she doesn’t understand jealousy. The Scorpio woman is afraid of being betrayed and hurt in relationships, which is why she keeps herself closed off at the beginning of relationships. So, if she starts opening up to you and lets you into her inner circle, it means that she trusts you implicitly. She doesn’t believe for a second that you would hurt her, so she has no need to be jealous, so why would you be jealous of her? Another nail in any relationship coffin for her is a complacent attitude. She needs someone who can keep up with and support her ambition, and someone who is pleased to stay exactly where they are in life, or unconcerned with challenging the status quo is not the partner for a Scorpio woman.

Scorpio Woman Compatibility

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