Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer may have as much in common as they have differences, but when these two come together for love, it can be a match made in heaven. Both Leo and Cancer are family and friend-oriented, and they love to entertain. Together they can throw some epic parties. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Cancer by the Moon, so there is a tendency to be as different as night and day in some areas. However, this is a match where the differences are appreciated and admired by both, rather than just seen as obstacles.

Leo and Cancer are astrological next-door neighbors, which means their overall energy can appear to clash, especially given that both tend to be stubborn at times. However, this couple likes being together, and they take time to learn from their differences, which helps them grow as a couple. If Leo takes care of Cancer’s sensitive heart, Cancer will return the gesture by pampering Leo beyond their wildest imagination. When Leo and Cancer get close and cozy, both will enjoy a thrilling chemistry.  As long trust and loyalty exist in this relationship, there’s a good chance it will last forever.

Love by Element: Fire and Water

Leo and Cancer make an exciting couple who can be extremely passionate while having two very distinct and differing styles. Fire can warm water nicely, and even make things hot and steamy between them. However, too much Leo control can also turn placid Cancer into a boiling pot of water and make them steaming mad. Too much fire energy can also cause water to evaporate. When and if Leo gets overly dominant, it can cause the more passive Cancer to disappear from the relationship.

In this love match, fire will hopefully learn the value of being gentler and less controlling. Allowing their partners to be themselves gives them both room to grow and actually bring them closer together as time rolls on. It’s not an easy road, but it is doable.

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